3 Quick and Easy Home Project Ideas On a Budget

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Believe it or not, home renovation projects can be done simply and in a timely manner. Usually, when home renovation comes to mind, it feels expensive, long, and impossible. However, curb appeal and interior decor don’t have to break your budget and schedule. We’ve got a list for you of quick fixes you can apply in your home that will save you time, money, and sanity!

Quick and Easy Project Fixes

Update Hardware

To give a surprisingly strong effect on updating your home, start with getting new doorknobs. Doorknobs and locks can really change the look of your home. Choose the right finish and color of your hardware that will let the look go throughout your home. This also applies to bath and kitchen hardware, and cabinets!

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Grab a Paint Brush

One of the easiest projects is giving your front door a new paint color! It doesn’t take a lot of time, like painting a room. Painting the door can change the whole feel of your home’s exterior, and can update it entirely. You can also paint that pesky piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing for the last year. Giving furniture a face lift can brighten your space to make it feel fresh again.

Update House Numbers

Give your house numbers a fresh look. Browse Pinterest for the style you’re going for, and head to your local hardware store to play on the exterior of your home. This will boost your curb appeal immensely.

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