How to Modernize Your Office Space in 2021

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Before 2020, a home office was seen as a nice addition, but was never the norm. Fast forward six months, as the definition of home was reinvented. Houses, apartments, and condos quickly transitioned into multifaceted living, working, playing, and learning environments. And this is where the home office is having its moment.

Some homeowners already had dedicated space, while others had to make do with kitchen islands or bedroom nooks that were repurposed into a quiet space for working.

As the United States approached the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic in early March,  many companies are still considering permanent remote work options, while others have already stated that employees will be working remote through Q2 and Q3. This means that homeowners are having to think about functionality and design. Today’s home buyers are looking for flex space that can be used as a home office – whether that means an enclosed space with a door, an open, yet private space, or a loft that provides both work and entertainment appeal.

Data recently revealed that buyers are willing to pay more for a “better home office or studio” in their next home. Especially with younger buyers, as 58% of millennials and 51% of Gen Xers desired office space. With that being said, here are some things to note when you’re considering what the future looks like with a home office.

Small, Yet Functional

Providence at Southpoint; Photo Courtesy of David Weekley Homes

Home offices don’t have to be large. All they need to be is functional. Today’s builders are adding in flex space that can be turned into an office. David Weekley’s Providence at Southpoint townhomes are the perfect example. The living rooms in these floorplans offer the perfect space to add in a simple desk and chair that flows with the rest of the room. As a tip, just make sure there is plenty of light, with an added bonus being natural light.

Desired Features

Many builders are now offering dedicated home office space as a part of its floorplans in 2021. KB Home debuted its initial office concepts last summer, including built-in workstations, open shelving, and an upgraded electrical package with USB charging outlets.

Today’s buyers are considering things like enhanced technology solutions, soundproofing/insulation options, tailored lighting, ceiling fans, window treatments, access to natural light, and even access to covered outdoor spaces for a change of scenery.

Reese Ridge is a new community located off of Highway 50 that is offering select 10×10 nooks in its floorplans that back up to natural greenery with plenty of natural sunlight.

Fast Internet is Key

With the rise of virtual calls and meetings, homeowners are consciously thinking of their home office’s internet connectivity to ensure a professional environment without interruptions. If this sounds like you, Ting Internet is the latest service to hit the Triangle market and has no weak signals or dead spots. Broadcast strong, reliable Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. You can even connect Wi-Fi enabled smart assistants, security devices, speakers, and other smart accessories to your Ting router.

While the pandemic has changed so much about our lives, it’s great to know that builders and homeowners are always finding creative ways to adapt and pivot when we have no other choice.

By Kendra Stowe