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Barbara Hobbs, writer for New Homes & Ideas

Photo courtesy of Pulte Homes

In today’s housing market, new home communities are drawing in home buyers from every generation. Attracted by the amenities, by the updated look of the homes, by the locations developed for the homes, by the price ranges offered and by the choices they find among the model homes, home buyers are eager for the latest and greatest features and looking for the home of their dreams. They find much to like including technological advances that make these innovative homes smart homes, something most homeowners now expect. Builders and community marketing groups are eager to list the benefits of new home construction. Let’s take a look at the list.


Nothing draws in the homebuyer shopping for a new home like the attraction of a community offering neighborhood amenities. “It’s almost like they are looking for their own small town to live in”, stated April Stephens of The April Stephens Team Re/Max One Realty. “They appreciate the community playgrounds, pools and family activities that give their families a sense of belonging. These characteristics are as important as the structure of the house.”

Mike Scisciani, Vice President of Operations-Raleigh Newland, agrees wholeheartedly. “Our 1,115 acre new home community at Wendell Falls, for example, offers resort-style amenities, like a café at its Farmhouse Information Center, a pool, miles of hiking and biking trails, creative parks, even a solar-powered selfie bench. On-site dining, shopping, retail and office space is coming just around the corner – which means you could walk to work, if you choose! Instead of having to search for new restaurants, a daycare or a good hiking trail, you can buy a new home where everything is in one place. With a newly built home in a master-planned community, there are ready-made opportunities to meet likeminded friends, build relationships.”


 New home communities advertise the price range of their homes on their street signage. Do these prices scare buyers away? Not really.

“Buyers realize the base prices advertised are starting points for their house purchase,” stated Carly Harte, Marketing Manager of Pulte Group. “They are willing to pay any added costs to have the customized features that mean the most to them. New home warranties, energy efficiency, modern technology and open floor designs are worth the higher home costs and are considered a long term investment as well as an updated living situation.”

New home prices have the added value of being inclusive. Buying a new home filled with new appliances and technology saves money for a home buyer as the cost of these updates is folded into the price of the home and is not an added after-purchase expense as it would be with the purchase of an older home.

“Buyers are definitely not scared by these prices,” confirmed Charlene Koehl, Team Member of The Rodney Carroll Team of HomeTowne Realty. “It’s all about location. Even though new home communities are sometimes found in outlying districts, buyers find they get more for their money if they drive a little further.” In these suburban areas there are homes with updated features in an area accessed by good roads, near retail and health facilities, with good schools, and in safe communities.


Once drawn into the community the model homes excite the imagination of the home buyers. They see up-to-date open floor plans optimizing all the floor space in homes of all sizes. “Open floor plans are a definite must for our home buyers,” pointed out Stephens. “In addition, we offer flex spaces and bonus rooms that can be designed as offices, guest bedrooms, craft rooms, or workout rooms, giving the homeowner the ability to change the room’s use as their family’s needs evolve.”

Faced with the offerings of the builders featuring the latest in products and technology, buyers realize their choices go way beyond which floor plan they can get, what colors their walls can be, or how much floor space they can have, as important as these items are on their want list. Builders are cognizant of new products and the benefits they could provide to the home buyer. Their advice can be significant in the selections the home buyers can make prior to construction.


 One of the most motivating elements of buying a new home is the ability to customize the features of the home. Choosing colors, styles, fixtures, appliances, materials, even garage doors can be an appealing effort.

“Customization is key for our buyers,” says Harte. “Pulte Homes offers beautiful choices for our clients, in communities like Holding Village, from our low country elevation exteriors to our slate of muted colors for interiors. This is how buyers make their homes personal and unique. When they select the options they love, they are creating their dream house, not just buying a home someone else has designed.”


The importance of energy efficiency in today’s home can’t be overemphasized. Appliances, heating/cooling systems, water heaters, lighting systems are all now built with energy savings as a significant characteristic. Improved air filtration in new homes improves indoor air quality, a critical health issue for those with asthma or allergies.

New home buyers are even showing interest in solar power.  Scisciani noted the response his builders have made to this importance. “While we found that smart home technology is often an expected element in new homes, Wendell Falls offers something a bit more rare in the market — solar and net-zero options. By building new, we have made it easy at Wendell Falls to plan to be a net-zero home or include solar panels/energy in your home from the very beginning. We have adjusted Home Owner Association regulations and have made it possible to roll the solar panel addition into your mortgage. We have fifteen homes with solar power and eight net-zero homes already in Wendell Falls!”


For home buyers enthralled with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, new home construction offers the advantage of being prewired for the sophisticated needs of smart homes leading to the use of apps for control of electrical, security, heating and cooling, entertainment, even window shades, and fireplaces. “All Pulte homes are constructed with a basic Alexa package for a smart home,” said Carly Harte. “Homebuyers of all generations now are used to telling Alexa what their heating and cooling, lighting, and security needs are. When they look at the new home market, this is a characteristic that is considered a normal part of the new home package. Buyers can then upgrade with smart appliances or other technological add-ons if they wish.”


 New home buyers can have big benefits when it comes to getting financing for their new home. Charlene Koehl confirms this. “The process of qualifying for a mortgage can be eased by the offerings of the builders’ financing departments or mortgage affiliates. Working with our financial partners, we are able to custom-tailor the financing needs of the new home buyer, and offer cost-saving incentives such as upgrades and special packages. This financing may reduce the time needed to process the application and help ease the closing process.”

Carly Harte agrees. “Pulte’s financing partners offer incentives to make the home buying process as pleasant and productive as possible for our buyers. They can offer rate buy downs, cover closing costs and close in a timely fashion, not only saving the buyer money but speeding up the process as well. Pulte also offers upgrades for homebuyers using our financing partners.”


Buying a brand new home can be the answer to a home buyer’s dreams. Getting all the updated features you want the way you want them, enjoying the comfort of the latest offerings you’ve chosen in appliances, décor, and neighborhood—these are the benefits of buying new home construction. You can move into your new home knowing that everything is done—there is no list of projects waiting for you. Nothing to do but enjoy the comfort and joy of this customized haven you’ve designed for your dream home.

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