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Featured Photo: Wexford Reserve; Photo Courtesy of The Jim Allen Group

After many years of catering to luxury and move-up buyers, many builders in 2020 discovered the sweet spot of those homebuyers desiring entry-level homes. As a result, the median new-home prices finally dropped closer to $300,000 toward the end of 2019. Fast forward to a worldwide pandemic, and it’s time to revisit. Instead of the smaller, more efficient homes that were popular just a year ago, today’s homes need to be able to serve the entire family. What does this look like? More space, “Zoom rooms,” and outdoor areas are just several of the impacts of 2020. Builders also say there’s been a rudimentary shift in what home means to buyers in 2021.

We’re predicting the impacts of 2020 lasting well into 2021, and beyond. This means virtual home-buying options, healthy home features, earthy color tones, a longing for orderly home spaces, and a favorable single-family rental market.

Jameson's Cove

Jameson’s Cove; Photo Courtesy of The Jim Allen Group

Here are the trends and outlooks that are predicted to dominate the home building industry for the foreseeable future.

Further Out Isn’t Bad

Of all the 2021 trends, one of the most prevalent might be the fact that where people are not only willing – but wanting to live. With COVID-19 changing the way we live and work by making the work-from-home culture the new normal, families are moving out of the city to the suburbs where they can get more square footage and outdoor space.

Both production builders and custom builders are seeking plots of land in previously less-desirable areas simply due to the distance from cities.

Jim Allen Group Coldwell Banker HPW represents several communities located outside of the city limits with gorgeous homes for sale. To name several, Jackson Manor, Wexford Reserve, Jordan Pointe, and Jameson’s Cove are all options that will give you both the space and privacy that you’ve been seeking.

Give Us More Square Footage

Move over, tiny homes. Space is again one of the leading drivers of home design in 2021. With more family members under one roof, larger homes have become more desirable. Many of these are older millennials with children, and they have high-paying jobs where they can work remotely, and need extra space for playrooms, office space, and larger kitchens and outdoor green space.

Jackson Manor

Jackson Manor; Photo Courtesy of The Jim Allen Group

What Buyers Want

The lockdowns of 2020 have made clear to home buyers the elements they want and don’t want in their homes. While open floor plans are still appealing, there’s now a need for defined spaces that can co-exist with open concepts. This could mean a nook for a desk in the living room, barn doors to close off a space, or even a den off of the living room.

Sign Online On the Dotted Line

The pandemic changed the way homes are sold virtually, something that still probably won’t go away once the pandemic does. Expect to see more virtual home tours and sales appointments in 2021. More companies will partner and create options for electronic document signing tools, along with virtual meetings for out-of-state buyers and those who prefer to attend remotely.

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By Kendra Stowe