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Your living space should be beautiful, styled to your personal taste, and most of all – functional. If each room in your home isn’t living up to its purpose, then you’re not getting the most out of your home.

The new homes in Stonemill Falls by Taylor Morrison in Wake Forest include homes that embrace functional living to the fullest. The gorgeous stone houses rising out of luxurious green lawns look elegant from the outside, and inside they’re maximizing their space. These homes offer plans with 4 bedrooms and 2.5-3.5 bathrooms, plenty for the whole family.

The Master Suite

Stonemill Falls master suiteYour master bedroom should exude tranquility, and the way to achieve that peaceful feel is through the design of the room. The flooring, wall color, and amount of natural light you let into the room all make a difference in how the room feels. In Stonemill Falls, the master suite offers tons of floor space (good news for your king-sized bed) and just enough natural light. In the master bath, double vanities offer enough room for you and your partner to get ready simultaneously in the mornings without being too crowded, and the large, round tub sits neatly underneath a window with a view.

Media Rooms

A space for entertaining the kids or guests is a necessary thing, especially if your living room furniture is expensive and you don’t need popcorn or soda being spilled on it daily. Utilizing your bonus area for toys, books, TV’s, or computers is the perfect way to combine all of that into just one area for you to tidy up.

Living RoomStonemill Falls - living room

The heart of the home, the living room provides a place for the family to gather and spend time together, or a place for guests to congregate. This room is a great place to utilize natural light and the great rooms at Stonemill Falls do just that. With plenty of space for a large area rug and a wide enough area to fit several couches or chairs, these rooms are ideal for a fun gathering with friends and family.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house to ensure functionality. Stonemill Falls kitchen Stonemill Falls features kitchens with lots of floor space, a wide island with space for bar stools and storage underneath, and space for a breakfast nook. Storage space is abundant, with cabinetry and drawers lining the walls, and well-lit counter space to provide a large area for preparation. Double ovens? You got it. Stonemill Falls’ gourmet kitchens are hard to beat.

Without a functional living space, your home becomes hard to navigate and difficult to maximize productiveness on a day-to-day basis. The new homes in Wake Forest at Stonemill Falls provide that space for you, and all you have to do is choose the plan that best fits your family and lifestyle.