These Four Design Trends Are On Our Radar This Spring

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After what felt like an incredibly long winter stuck indoors and away from other people thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the warmer temperatures and vaccinations are being welcomed all over the United States. If you’re anything like us, you probably are tired of staring at the same decorations, same furniture, and same spaces since we’ve all been cooped up inside for so long. It’s time to show your interior a little love this spring. Check out the following design trends this spring that will surely brighten your mood along with the changing season.

Revival Style is Back

Just like we’re seeing 90’s and 2000’s fashion trends come back into style, the same goes for housing. There’s been a recent uptick in ’80s decor, referred to by designers as the “1980s revival style.”

In the 80’s, decor and design was meant to represent wealth and luxury, taking inspiration from art deco ideology and minimalist style. In today’s new homes, this is taking form in the use of brass and lacquer, sculptural forms, and glass and stone with high-shine finishes and sparkling new materials.

Keep things minimal with this look so that your statement pieces have room to shine.

Raw Wood

Spring doesn’t always mean new, if that’s any indicator of the recent trend of all things raw wood making a resurgence — particularly as it relates to interior accent pieces.

Keeping raw wood untouched with its imperfections adds to the artistic style of the piece, whether it be furniture or a pop of art. As an added bonus, natural wood tones will complement nearly any decor style.

Textured Pottery

No, you can’t keep using the same dishes that you’ve had for the past 10 years. It’s time to make an upgrade this season, and we’re loving textured pottery as an option. This earthy trend adds dimension in new homes, creating a lived-in feel for those who have recently purchased a new home in the Triangle area. The lines and grooves of decorative bowls and vases make a statement piece on their own as sculptural art. If you’d rather keep it simple, opt for a pretty vase that can sit on the coffee table to fill with spring flowers for a fresh look and feel.

Scalloped Furniture

Wave goodbye to harsh edges and square couches this season. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t do with scalloped-edge decor this season. From chairs to lampshades and sofas, you’ll find that curves are in. From scalloped seating to serpentine S curves, bring curvy comfort into your Raleigh-Durham home this spring.

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