The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for New Homeowners

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Do you know someone who has recently purchased a new construction home in the Triangle this year? Or maybe you’d like to be Santa for yourself this year as a new home owner. Regardless, there are plenty of amazing gifts for all budgets for those who just moved into a new home. When it comes to gift giving, we all can agree that wrapping those presents is only half the battle. Instead of giving another bottle of wine or dish towel, check out the following list to spark some ideas while you shop for presents this holiday season.

Lawn-Care Kit

While renting, lawn care is either non-existent or taken care of by property managers. When transitioning into a home, a lot of new homeowners have limited tools to help with their curb appeal because they simply have never needed them. Gifting both gardening and yard supplies eliminates the need to have to purchase them later on. While seemingly simple, these practical gifts are sure to come in handy. Think of things like rakes, gardening shovels, tarps, snow shovels for those who live in areas with wintery weather, hoses, ladders, and even lawnmowers if you’re going above and beyond.

Gift Giving

Picture Hanging Kit

A house doesn’t feel like a home until the pictures are in place. With new walls as blank canvases, it’s exciting for homeowners to be able to finally put some holes in as many walls as they please. With that being said, there are a few things that go into perfectly hanging those pictures or mirrors to ensure they are both straight and even. Consider things like a tape measure, a lever, a stud finder for those tricky spots to avoid, and a variety of picture-hanging tools like screws, nails, wire, and more.

Home Repair Kit

In a perfect world, nothing would ever break in our new homes. Unfortunately, we know that’s not the case and many things in a home wear out. Unlike renting, where the homeowners are responsible for maintenance, repairs, and replacements of both  systems and appliances in a home. As the ideal gift, we’d suggest starting with a fully-loaded toolbox as a foolproof option for something a homeowner will actually use. From there, consider things like paint rollers, caulk to touch up holes, a drill, socket wrenches, and even a fire extinguisher for those unexpected times you might have to account for.

Go Green

Plants are often forgotten about when someone first moves into a home. This is where you come in. From hanging porch plants to large leafy plants, and even tiny succulents, there’s something for everyone. If you don’t have a green thumb, may we suggest starting with cactuses?

Home Improvement Gift Card

When all else fails, resort to a home improvement gift card. Whether that’s your friend or family member’s favorite furniture store, a large home improvement store, or maybe even a hardware store, a gift card allows the new homeowner in your life to make a decision for themselves!

If you’d like more information and advice on home ideas such as the above, our website is full of articles on decor, gardening tips, holiday decor, and more! Check it out here. Happy gifting!