Spring Forward Inside Your Home

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Although we still have another month left before Daylight Saving time hits again, it’s easy to bring some of your excitement for longer days and more sunshine into your home. Since Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on February 2, we’re finding ways to find some solace in the long, chilly winter months. If you are looking for a few ways to bring some spring cheer into your home before the season officially arrives, we’ve got a few ideas. If you’re buying a new home in the Triangle area this season, decorate your house with these tips in mind.

Change your tablecloth

Sometimes change can be as simple as switching your tablecloth. Light linens and natural colors are a great option for 2021. Add in fresh cut flowers, or decorate for the next holiday. There are so many new home communities in the Raleigh-Durham area with gorgeous kitchens that provide lots of space.

Clean out your closet

Photo Courtesy of The Closet Factory

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending a few hours to go through all of the clothes you no longer wear or want. Once you’re done weeding through clothes, make sure to call Closet Factory and schedule your free design consultation. These closet experts specialize in personalized spaces that are perfect for all of your organizational needs. From walk-in closets to home office spaces, you’ll feel ready to tackle the upcoming season with a new space.

Add in some plants

Bring in those greens. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants work too! Or, mix it up and combine real greens with the faux greens. Plants have been proven to lower stress hormones, increase air quality, and much more! A touch of green in every room makes you feel like you’ve got a piece of nature inside your home.

For more inspiration, make sure to check out the New Homes & Ideas blog. We have plenty of design and decor options, as well as new home listings all throughout the Triangle area.