Smart Home Products That Look Actually Look Good In Your Home

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Home owners choose their homes and their decor because they love the aesthetics and beauty that they offer. However, when it comes to home automation and security products, the problem is that so many of them just clash with our style.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be a part of the 21st century and enjoy all of the things that modern technology has to offer. It’s natural to be worried that some of this technology is going to look very out of place in your home. And maybe this has stopped you from adding some home automation products to your home in order to make life easier.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are several products that will fit right in. It’s not all silvers and black and white plastics anymore. Many manufacturers are starting to realize that we want eye-pleasing technology in our homes. Things that look like a part of the home. Here are a few home automation items that will not detract from your style. In fact, they will compliment it nicely.


Mui is an interactive display that is internet connected. It can be used to control your lighting, temperature, and display messages, all while blending into your home as if it had always been there. Mui works with Philips Hue light bulbs and several other smart light integrations. This beautiful helper is still in development, but look for it to be available soon.

Real Wood Covers For Amazon Echo and Google Home

As it stands, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home both stand out like a sore thumb in your home’s interior, but there is a solution. You can get these real wood covers and they instantly look much better, complimenting all sorts of interior designs.

home security

Scout Home Security Kits

Scout is an easy to set-up home security system. You won’t even need any tools. You can be set up and ready to use it in just minutes. It comes in a few color varieties, like white and black, but most importantly, it also comes in  Walnut. Security systems should blend in with our surroundings after all and be pleasant to look at.

Turn Touch

Like your home, Turn Touch is elegant and sophisticated. It’s a wooden remote that will help you control the smart devices in your home so that you can keep everything simple. It’s made from mahogany and rosewood. This device works with hundreds of devices and apps.

Ingrein Smart Clock

This luxury wood clock interacts with your smart home devices and displays information from apps. The idea is that it helps you get away from your smartphone and be more present in your life. This clock provides elegance and function that enhances your life.

Brilliant Light Control

Control your lighting with a control that is as elegant as your house. It comes in multiple colors and four switch configurations. Naturally their Walnut and Mahogany versions are the best. Say goodbye to your light switch and say hello to this beauty.

As you can see more smart home security and home automation products are becoming focused on actually creating beauty that we can live with in our home. Our houses are special and we want to keep them that way. We would also like to outfit them with the latest tech, so that’s good news.

We can have smart homes and find the best home security system, while keeping things looking elegant and classy.