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It’s that time again!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you’re probably dreaming of where to go for the perfect, most romantic retreat with your partner. How about staying right at home? These homes in Pittsbororo, NC at Parks at Meadowview by CalAtlantic Homes (formerly Ryland Homes) have that romantic interior design to make every day a sentimental one to remember.

Master Suite in Parks at Meadowview

Master Suite in Parks at Meadowview

Romantic Night In

Your master suite needs warm tones and soft lighting in order to achieve an intimate feel. The dark hardwood flooring and complementary warm beige wall paint in this home at Parks at Meadowview makes the room seem cozier and more secure. It’s not too bright, tacky, or in your face – it’s a room you can easily curl up in with your significant other. Even the complementing colors in the accessories around the room are perfect – darker jewel tones such as emerald green and navy blue make the accessories blend in, while providing that pop of color that the mostly neutrally toned room needs. The master bath is also a vital part of the entire feel of the suite; the walk-in shower, tub, and dark cabinets and countertops all make for the perfect space.

Cozy Up In Your Living Space

The living room area is where you might find yourself spending the most time with family and friends, but on it’s still plausible to make this space intimate and comfy.

Living Space at Parks at Meadowview

Living space at Parks at Meadowview

One of the easiest ways to create a space that’s warm and friendly is your choice of fabrics. If your furniture and pillows are covered in fabrics that are soft and plush, that instantly creates a different feel in your room. Same goes for the material of your area rug – if it’s soft and feels good under your feet, you’re helping out the romantic ambiance in your room. The living room is a great space to spend time with loved ones and engage with each other. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, you want your living space to encourage sparks of conversation and be a space where people want to gather. This living space at Parks at Meadowview balances the neutral tones in the beige and white furniture and dark brown hardwood floors, with just a splash of darker burgundy and indigo to add some dimension.

Livng space at Parks at MeadowviewIf you want to design your home with even more of a romantic feel, you might want to search for design and decor options that are a little more traditional and classic, such as this living space with a brick accent wall. The brick combined with the wooden floors and furniture makes the space feel warmer, and the natural light coming in keeps the space from feeling small.

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