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By Howard Eason, HE Designs, LLC, writer for New Homes & Ideas


It’s springtime and the environment is once again transforming into a colorful and vibrant scene. The changing of the seasons often triggers a change in mood which is a great thing for the spring months. Spring is generally representative of a season of transformation and renewal. Many take the season as an opportunity for refreshing their home and many use this time as an opportunity to sell their home. Much of the activity seen in spring is systematically due to the natural reemergence of noticeable elements which help to transform our environment.

As a result, we often adopt these factors into the way that we address our home when it comes to design elements. There are many noticeable changes that happen during the spring which ignite our senses to transform. These changes consist of blooming of flowers, emerging of foliage, enhanced colors and extended hours of sunlight. Each of these can also be adopted as a designer’s guideline for updating your home for a spring sale


One of the first signs of spring starts with the vibrant pops of color from flowers and even the lush greenery of emerging foliage. From the bold golden tones of daffodils to crisp white lilies to the vibrant multicolor of tulips and hyacinth, each of these nature-made symbols has their own color, structural distinction, and personality. When it comes to designing your home for the springtime, it is commonly thought to simply add springtime flowers and foliage to enhance the décor. Fresh flowers are the best option as an accent; however, the cost and upkeep may be a deterrent for most.

Adding flowers and foliage to your décor is not the only way to spruce up your home for a spring sale. My recommendation is to simply use spring flowers as an inspiration and to not be so literal. It is not necessary to over enhance your room’s décor with floral arrangements. My suggestion is to use floral-like and patterned prints as accents. As a seller, it is best to use abstract prints which have a whimsical influence in order to appeal to more buyers. These prints can be paired with other corresponding patterns as well as solid colors for added interest. The floral inspiration should come from the color and not as a print.




Another solution for prepping your home for a spring sale is through the use of color. Color can be used to help enhance and define a space. When staging your home for a sale, it is important to add colors which stimulate the senses. Shades of white will help to lighten a room and sharpen the trim, but for impact, adding a color will help to enhance the space and make it memorable to the buyer. Remember to use colors that appeal to a broader audience rather than those that are specific to your décor. In other words, imagine your room as an empty space and choose colors which are welcoming and adaptable to a variety of styles.

Subtle color tones are the ones that are best suited for a springtime design. Think of the walls as a backdrop to your designs, as grass is to a yard or sand to a beach. Wall colors will help to enhance the pops of color used in other aspects of your design to make a statement. Also, consider that typical rooms have five walls to address; the four surrounding walls and also the ceiling. Ceilings are not typically referred to as wall space; however, including it in the count helps as a reminder to address it. Consider adding a ceiling color accent which reminds you of spring and highlights investment features such as a coffered ceiling, crown molding, or ceiling beams. A simple way to do this is to use colors inspired by springtime blossoms, holiday pastels, sunsets, and blue skies. These color tones add interest and promote happiness in a space because of their familiarity.



Addressing your furniture, fixtures, and accessories for a springtime sale is also important. To modernize your space for a sale, try adding a monochromatic or neutral sofa and rug. Using monochromatic tones broadens the appeal of the home because the tone is viewed less as a focal point and more for defining the function of the space. The wall color and just a few colorful accessories, like pillows, throws, and artwork will enhance the rest and tie the design together. Wooden furniture should be similar in style and/or similar stain for continuity. This is important to tie the rooms together so that the spaces appear to be seamless and continuous. To brighten up furniture, consider painting it. Remember that the furniture is there to complement the space and to help define the function of your space. It should not be a distraction. Buyers are most interested in purchasing your home and not your furniture, so it is often better to blend in rather than to stand out.


One final solution for prepping your home for a spring sale is to open your blinds and drapes and let in the sunlight! The intensity of sunlight begins to magnify in the spring. Longer daylight hours become a factor as you are showing off your home. You should be strategic with the planning of your colors. Full sunlight can wash out colors which will make less of an impact. Be sure to display your colors or paint a small sample section and check it at various times of the day. This will ensure that you have the perfect color, tone, and hue that is best suited for the impact you desire. Consider reviewing your lighting options when less light is available during your home viewing. This will help ensure that when natural light is reduced, adequate artificial light is available to help showcase your home as warm, inviting, and well lit. Remove heavy drapes and replace them with sheer materials.

You are now on your way to a ‘Spring Forward’ Home Design which buyers will love!





Howard Eason, a self-taught Interior and Creative Designer, was featured as a cast member on the second season of HGTV’s All American Handyman and became one of 20 contestants on the show to compete in weekly timed elimination challenges. He successfully made it through to the top 12 on the All American Handyman series. Eason launched his company, HE Designs, LLC, as a full-time focus in 2011. Visit his website at