Making the Most of Your Space

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By Julia Reinert, Martin Communications

No matter the size of your new home, space planning and storage ideas always come in handy- especially when they blend well with current design trends. Here are a few concepts for you to consider whether you are decorating, redecorating, or even repurposing.

Your first task is of course to decide if a good purge or declutter is in order.  You may want to get rid of a few things or you may want to channel your inner Marie Kondo – either way it is good to go through your belongings and determine what you want to keep and if there is anything you want to donate or trash.  Once you are sure that you have kept the things you need and love, you are then ready to make these treasures a part of your home.

Rather than storing unique pieces that you have found or inherited, highlight your vintage accents by mixing them in with your own personal style.  2020 trends praise warm and cozy vibes that are eclectic but not cluttered.  Maybe you can repurpose a piece to be a dining room chandelier or create colorful art displays throughout your home?  There is no right or wrong – it is all about making your home comfortable and beautiful!

Have too many of those unique pieces with which you cannot bear to part?  Building shelves to go over your doorways will not only add character and texture to your rooms but will also allow you more space for baskets, books and other bric-a-brac.  Of course, Grandma Sue’s hand painted plates from Mexico may not match your Farmhouse décor so there is always the option of finding more storage.  A lot of closets and pantries have plenty of extra space to go vertical so adding more shelves or cubbies can provide the concealed space you desire! Bins that stack neatly on top of each other are a dream.  Just decide if you prefer clear plastic containers (making your belongings visible) or solid color plastic containers (a less cluttered look) which you can label.

Another tip is to designate an area in your home that you can utilize as Command Central.  You may be fortunate to have a desk area, home office, or loft for this purpose but if not, no worries!  A small nook or a few feet of counter space can provide plenty of room for family calendars, important papers, and keys.  It is amazing how a pretty corkboard and decorative trays can help you keep things running smoothly.  In fact, having drawer and cabinet organizers throughout your home will redefine your junk drawers and keep bathrooms, garages and playrooms nice and tidy!  You can also take advantage of a blank wall or alcove to create a mudroom or owner’s entry.  A few well-placed hooks, baskets, or even a bench can transform a small space into an organizer’s haven.  They also show off your family’s lifestyle in a fun and practical way.

If space is really tight, then it is time to flip that creative switch!  Some great ideas that you can mimic include creating a storage space under your stairs (perfect for suitcases or even an open play area or reading nook for kids), purchasing multi-functional furniture (ottomans with storage, room dividers featuring shelves, underbed storage, and loft beds which hoist the mattress up and automatically give you a new zone to live, work or play!  Another reminder is that seeing clutter makes a space feel smaller so use fabric to conceal the miscellaneous toys, tools, or books.

Finally, as more people are working from home, whether temporarily or on a permanent basis, it is necessary to carve out a work space or home office.  Designing a cozy nook or converting a loft is ideal but if you have run out of corners, consider getting a decorative room divider or placing your desk behind a large piece of furniture.

The key to remember is that it is about making your space work for you, not against you.  Declutter, Organize, and Design!  Just because you have a smaller space does not mean that you cannot dream big and create something beautiful.