Look Inside a Spanish Hacienda Style Home in Cary

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If you’ve looked at real estate in Cary, NC, you don’t often hear ‘Spanish Hacienda’ and ‘Cary’ in the same sentence. However, this home buyer wanted a custom home that was styled like their love for Spain, but that was also accessible for people of all ages. They wanted a home for their aging parents, and their own grandchildren. It was featured in this years’ Triangle Parade of Homes, and was built by Sadler Construction – the only homebuilder in the area who focuses exclusively on Universally Designed, 100% accessible homes and remodels.

spanish hacienda

This Cary couple teamed up with Sally from Colorful Concepts Interior Design, local interior designer, to create a one-of-a-kind custom home for their lifestyle.

Not only does this home have the Spanish Hacienda wow factor, but it is Universally Designed, meaning it is intentionally built to be accessible for kids, the elderly, and any disability. Sally has a certification for Universal Design, and was able to use her expertise in this design project.

Sally talked with us about this unique home, and what you should know when (and if) hiring an interior designer.

Some interesting Universal Design Features in this home are: three feet wide doorways, curbless showers, comfort-height toilets, Luxury Vinyl Tile, multi-level countertops, wide hallways, stepless front and garage entry, and more!

She advises that if you’re unsure about choices in your new home, ask a designer as soon as possible to get what you really want. Even if you’re remodeling and want to DIY everything, it is a huge project and can save you a lot of time and even money by just consulting with a designer. DIY is a great way to do things, but Sally suggests doing your research extensively before diving in.

spanish hacienda

This house has low countertops, and even a commercial pizza oven.

When choosing design aspects of your home, her advice is to research the look you want. Look on Houzz and Pinterest and create an idea board. This will help you in picking the right options. If you are working with a designer, she says that pictures and colors are so helpful to show them so they can see what you’ve been visualizing.

We were also able to speak with the homebuyer, who had a part in the house from conception to a complete finish. When asked about advice for future

spanish hacienda

The owners chose a lower height vanity for the master bathroom.

homebuyers, they told us to consider accessibility in building. Are your parents getting to an age they can’t climb upstairs, and a downstairs guest room could be best? If you have young kids, should you go with hardwood stairs or carpeted? Do you want a downstairs master or upstairs? These are all options to think about when building a home.

Another option to consider is your key pieces of furniture. Maybe you have a few extra special pieces that must go in the right place in your future home. Build a space that can showcase them properly, and that means a lot to you. Don’t build your dream home just to find out on moving day that your very expensive sectional doesn’t fit in the living room.

Whatever your preferences, style, and timeline, make sure you work with the right people, and choose a floorplan with options that express your style!

Are you thinking of hiring an interior designer for your next home, or home renovation? Find out more about Sally from Colorful Concepts Interior Design here