Lighting Trends in 2021

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When it comes to decorating your space, lighting often gets overlooked. While it’s obvious to want a bright space, few people spend time weighing the pros and cons of pendant lights or table lamps. With that being said, lighting truly has the power to make or break your space. Your fixtures play into the rest of your home’s décor, as well as placement that needs to be considered too!

Looking at 2021 trends, design experts have weighed in on what they’re predicting for the upcoming year. From old-fashioned fixtures to energy-efficient bulbs—and everything in between— check out the following ideas for lighting inspiration in your home.

Familiarity is Key

After a challenging and trying 2020, familiarity and nostalgia are what people want versus unpredictability. This means pieces that are warm, cozy, and intimate. Since we are all spending more time in our homes, homeowners are looking for simple ways to turn dark spots or previously underutilized nooks into functional spaces. Decorative plug-in lamps, small table lamps that slip onto a book shelf or plug-in sconces can make all the difference.

12 Oaks kitchen lighting
Photo courtesy of 12 Oaks

Go For the Warm Glow

Sources of light are continuing to move more towards LED. But now we are seeing a lot more ‘warm dim’ or ‘warm glow’ bulbs instead of blinding LED lights. These mimic the color temperature of an incandescent bulb when dimmed, and help to transition the mood of space from bright and ambient to soft and gentle. Make sure you select lighting with a dimmer switch! Elizabeth Springs in Rolesville is a new community with plenty of floorplans that offer many different feature options for your lighting.

Technology Dominates Homes

Light is one of the best ways to bring outside in to help us feel more connected with nature from within our homes. As smart lighting continues to become more sophisticated, we will see options that mimic natural light. Settings will be able to replicate the changing color and intensity of sunlight throughout the day, such as amber light in the evening. At Sequoia Creek in Cary by Caruso Homes, you’ll find that their floorplans feature plenty of lighting options that allow for natural light, as well as smart features based on your preference.

Adding Color

Painted finishes are expected to be a big trend in the coming year. Think painted cone pendant lighting hanging from kitchen islands, recessed square lighting with different textures and colors in the glass, and more! Several custom builders in the Triangle will cater to your desire to try out new trends, so make sure to view all of our builders here to see where you can find what you’re seeking as far as lighting in your home goes.

No matter what happens around us in the year ahead, just remember that the future is bright for lighting inside your home!