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Want a new home with a kickin’ kitchen? The latest trends in kitchen design and decor are all over the map, and the new home builders in the Triangle area are keeping up with the times and making sure that they’re including all the hot features that buyers want. But what are those features? Let’s find out!


Saussy Burbank - Briar Chapel

Saussy Burbank in Briar Chapel.

The lighting in your kitchen is extremely important – you need great, functional lighting for your preparation areas, and your decorative lighting depends on the layout and decor in the rest of the room. Preparation lighting can be fun and quirky, like this lighting in Saussy Burbank’s homes at Briar Chapel. The island is lit by two bright hanging light fixtures, and there’s ample lighting under the cabinets and range hood. Another important space to be sure to light is over the eating space. Whether you’re eating at the island or at a breakfast nook or in your dining room, the area needs to be bright. Utilizing natural light can also amplify your space and create a mood that artificial lighting can’t imitate. Waking up in the morning and cooking breakfast in a room that’s bathed in morning sunlight can completely change your day for the better. Natural lighting is an excellent tool, and completely free! A kitchen with poor lighting makes for a sad cook indeed, so lighting is arguably one of the most important parts of designing your kitchen space.


It’s always best to have more storage than you think you need. Ask yourself a few questions when thinking of your kitchen design – do you want your dishes to be seen? If so, plan for cabinetry with glass doors or floating shelves. These are perfect solutions for those who want dishes easily accessible and visible. Do you want your storage spaces to be more decorative than functional? Plan for more cabinetry and storage space up high where you can’t reach it, so it doesn’t take up real functional space. The layout of your storage is also key – plan for cabinetry near stoves and sinks, and potentially underneath an island.


Cabe Crossing on the Eno River kitchen

Cabe Crossing on the Eno River by Drees Homes.

The layout is something that’s hard to change up, because the functionality of having your most important appliances close together (sink, fridge, stove, dishwasher) is vital to your everyday performance in the kitchen. Separating them might look good in theory, but it won’t work the way you think. Stick to the most functional layout, and then get creative after that’s set in stone. You won’t want to work or eat in a kitchen where everything is spaced too far apart. Consider floor space as well – you need enough room for walking and sharing the area with other people. If it’s too cramped, movement will be constricted and not as effective when you’re cooking.

Color scheme

Sometimes choosing a color scheme is difficult – you could be in love with a particular stone for islands or counters, but it doesn’t go with your flooring, or a dark cabinet coloring that doesn’t quite match the walls. Making sure everything matches is something that needs to be planned out carefully. Many home builders offer design centers in their model homes or onsite and have professionals who can assist you in choosing a scheme for your kitchen, which can save you a lot of time and trouble. If you’re looking for something more custom, there’s a few great options in the Triangle area as well. Carolina Custom Kitchen & Bath in Apex, NC will help you along every step of the way to choose the best of the best.