How to Use Wallpaper at Home in 2021

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We all remember the days of ugly, dated wallpaper from the early 90’s. Newsflash: Wallpaper is hot again. Homeowners are asking about it, designers are ordering it, and manufacturers are providing options of every color and pattern. No matter the style of your home, wallpaper is the latest trend in 2021 that can add instant style or drama to your interior. Check out the following tips on how and where to add wallpaper to make the greatest impact in your new Triangle home. With bare walls, this is the perfect opportunity to jazz up your brand new home with some fun patterns or colors.


There might not be anything better than a bold statement right at the front of your home. Adding wallpaper to an entryway is the perfect touch needed to create a wow-factor for guests and friends visiting your home. As an added bonus, entryway wallpaper eliminates the need for a lot of furniture. Instead, keep it simple and basic with a few staples such as a bench, a basket for shoes, and a mail holder.


Wallpaper can tie together a staircase and your foyer to create a more tailored look. For color options, the contrast of a black stair railing that’s paired with a gray-and-white vertical wallpaper is an eye-catching idea for those who aren’t quite sure what to do. Many Triangle home builders offer customization options for finishes, which allows you to plan out your vision during the design center phase.

As a pro tip, many of today’s wallpaper manufacturers can make the scale of their prints larger or smaller to ensure the proportions are correct for your space, so don’t be afraid to ask!

The Ceiling is the Roof

In the infamous words of UNC’s Michael Jordan, “The ceiling is the roof.” Designers often refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall, and it’s an area that you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of. Wallpapering a ceiling can create the feeling of a more intimate space, even in a large kitchen or living room for example. Wallpaper has the ability to take some of the hard edges off of industrial-style space, making it more inviting.

Start With Shelving

If you’re not ready to commit to an entire wall, consider wallpapering your shelving units. Sometimes cabinets with glass doors or no doors are used to display glassware or fine china. What better way to do so than by adding wallpaper with a distinct pattern?

Makeover the Guest Bathroom

An easy way to impress is through the powder room. As the primary bathroom for guests, powder rooms make the best option for wallpaper. Since these rooms are often smaller when it comes to square footage, you’ll have the ability to choose a more complex pattern or design without breaking the bank.

No matter what your style is, today’s wallpaper has made vast enhancements since the days of retro wallpaper that more often than not served as a sight for sore eyes. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes into experimenting with colors and patterns this summer!

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