Five Fun Bedroom Trends to Experiment With in 2021

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We spend a lot of our time in slumber. In fact, did you know that the average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime, which equates to roughly one-third of their life? With that being said, our bedrooms should be viewed as our sanctuaries! So why not decorate them as such?

With that being said, check out these five design trends that are expected to dominate bedrooms this year.

Sage Green

Sage green is calming, soft, and sophisticated. Think of it as the grown-up version of your basic green color. Whether it’s new bedding or an accent wall, you can’t go wrong with this color. Try pairing sage bedding with other soft colors such as a light yellow, cream, or pastel pink. The hue also works with things such as throw pillows and upholstery for those who are just wanting to incorporate touches of color into the room.

Canopy Bedframes

Dramatic bedroom designs are trending, and rightfully so. Nothing makes a statement quite like a canopy bed frame to give your space an elegant feel. If you’re into materials and finishes, iron canopies are both stylish and allow for plenty of natural light. Choosing not to opt for iron? Try adding white bedding for a strong contrast that results in a clean, modern aesthetic.

The Townes at Gateway Commons by McKee Homes are new townhomes in Wake Forest and have up to three bedrooms to experiment something like this with.

Vintage Screens Are Making a Comeback

If you’ve ever needed some privacy, screens are perfect option for dividing a space, hiding sound, and offering some solidarity – with vintage options that are currently having a decor moment. These screens give a bedroom a sense of old-world style while also separating spaces, which has already proven to be invaluable in 2021. Use a screen to hide a bedroom desk or even lean it behind your bed for a unique headboard if you’re trying to conserve space.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper/Murals

These peel-and-stick murals are a popular bedroom statement right now, even extending up to the ceiling. Instead of having to do the hard task of painting, many are opting for these types of options. Temporary decals and wallpaper are also ideal for children’s bedrooms or even playrooms and nurseries. In large master bedrooms like those at Sequoia Creek by Caruso Homes, use one wall to add some type of peel-and-stick option for an extra pop of design.

Natural Textures

Last but not least, 2021 bedroom styles will heavily feature natural pieces. Think earthy hues and textures that allow bedrooms to feel like comforting, safe spaces for those seeking to escape from the outside world and the COVID-19 pandemic. Fabrics like linen and cotton are good bedding options, and rattan, wood, or wicker furniture for a more natural vibe.

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By Kendra Stowe