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By Steven Norris, writer for New Homes & Ideas


I have spent several years talking to buyers, viewing homes, and selling the homes that buyers eventually purchase, or quickly take off of the short list. Throughout these years, I have seen many trends come and go, with several elements remaining the same. For example, having a bathroom as part of an owners’ suite has become very much a non-discussion point, as it is a basic expectation. I can’t even remember seeing a newly built home without this feature. However, I wanted to take a moment to discuss many of the trends that we are seeing, and several of these we are seeing again. They do say that fashion and trends tend to come back in style, so see if you can think of other times that these following trends had a high level of popularity among homeowners and buyers.

Photo by John Cooley of Chillsboro Media and Amber Gluckin of Novel Creations


As times change, trends change, and a house should change with them. Keeping up to date with the current trends is a great way to maintain property value, while also keeping a home a place that one would like to live in.  One of the most important places within the home is the master suite. As the place where a homeowner spends much of their downtime, it is important that this room and corresponding bathroom are kept up to date. Here are a few of the things that can be done in order to maintain a modern and inviting owners’ suite, keeping it in-line with the current trends, and being the hippest homeowner in the whole neighborhood.

One of the biggest trends in the master bedroom is jewel tones used as accent colors. More and more, we are seeing bedrooms with cool greys and natural tones framed with a pop of a jewel tone color such as a sapphire blue or deep amethyst purple. These pops of color make a room feel cozier and warmer, which is just what you want in a bedroom.

This contrast is also achieved with various lighting styles and finishes being used in these gorgeous bedrooms. You will see metal elements that provide much of the same feel as the jewel toned accents. At one point, metal became associated with the cold and stark, but it now provides the contrast and focal point that is on trend with suites that are considered plush and elegant.

In this example, Caruso Homes uses a rich and textured foot and headboard against another contrasting texture within the rug. All of this atop solid floors to give a true feeling of depth. As mentioned prior, using metallic elements and pops of color against a soothing natural tone creates a truly inspiring space. Partner that with a reading nook and double doors leading into a stately bathroom, this really becomes a retreat that one would have a hard time leaving.

Photo courtesy of Caruso Homes


More and more, we are also seeing buyers gravitating towards homes that offer an owners’ suite that has ample space to provide a sitting area or office space. You can now see owners’ suites adorned with wine coolers, coffee bars and almost any other amenity that one would desire when waking up or going to bed. This area creates an oasis in the room, and one that could easily be used as a fortress of solitude to even survive a weekend with all of your teenager’s friends over.

We are also seeing a resurgence of patterned and textured wallpapers, and I am hearing lots of mixed opinions on this one. I must admit that, having spent years removing wallpaper and advising my clients to do so, I was against this new trend. However, these wallpapers are not like the ones from the 70’s and 80’s that I think we are all glad to forget. They are often in rich jewel tones and textures that play into the individual owner’s style and personality, which furthers their overall enjoyment of the space and bring together the total concept.

In the bathroom, it is becoming more and more common to forsake a bathtub entirely in preference of getting a large shower with upscale features, such as two or three nozzles, more space, and benches that would be worthy of an upscale spa. Furthermore, we are seeing walk-in showers in lieu of ones with traditional doors, enhancing the feeling of luxury. If there is a tub at all, it is usually a freestanding soaking tub instead of a tub that is connected to a shower. These tubs also add to the feeling of luxury in the bathroom, and can increase the price of your home. Take a look at this bathroom, also from Caruso Homes.


Photo courtesy of Caruso Homes


Note the freestanding soaking tub, and walk in shower. We are also seeing darker cabinets, bright countertops, and contrasting metals to add even more depth and that sense of modern luxury. As a whole, bathrooms are moving away from plain tile floors and travertine that once was all the rage. Now we are seeing various options, from large marble tiles to very graphic and personalized tile, both on the walls and the floors.

Whether you are a fan of the resurgence of the individualized tastes, from wallpaper to graphic tile to bold pops of color, one thing is clear: Homeowners want control of their individualized retreats. Much like what is offered with a good book, imagination has taken hold and a trip to a design center is proof enough. Whether buying or doing a remodel, the selections are endless and builders and retailers are offering more selection than ever before. So, I challenge you to explore your own space and let your creative processes take you from old school to bold and new.

Steven Norris is North Carolina native and a top producing agent in the Triangle. He is a husband and father to three teenagers. He is co-author of “Winning Real Estate: 9 Secrets to Success from Leading Pros”, a CENTURY 21 Global Influencer, National Real Estate Coach, First male Governor for Women’s Council Of Realtors, Commissioner for North Carolina REALTORs® State Leadership Academy, and host of the MAME Awards. He has trademarked “Keeping It Real in Real Estate” and lives by his team’s vision “to be the face of innovation and change in modern day real estate”.


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