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The perfect kitchen is a combination of efficient, beautiful, and clean – and we’ve got the 5 best kitchens in Raleigh for you that embody all of the above! Everyone’s kitchen can get a little bit chaotic sometimes, but what’s important is to design your kitchen in a way that can handle the craziness that can accompany cooking. So let’s take a look at what qualities makes these 5 kitchens the absolute best!

Homestead at Heritage

5 Best Kitchens in Raleigh - Homestead at Heritage in Wake Forest, NCThis kitchen at Homestead at Heritage by CalAtlantic Homes is definitely beautiful for many different reasons. The dark hardwood flooring is great for disguising messes, as well as great for an easy clean up! The dark brown cabinetry also goes great with the flooring, and is perfectly complemented by the light brown backsplash and beige countertops. The backsplash isn’t just behind the sink or stove either – it travels all the way up to the ceiling and is also a perfect backdrop for the countertops around the room. That detail makes the kitchen feel more put together. Another detail that really makes this kitchen gorgeous are the seating choices. The island seats have beading along the back, and they’re made of plush, soft material comfortable for sitting in. The dining room chairs are more intricate, with gray-brown backing and beige seat covers – matching perfectly with the color scheme of the rest of the room. Eating never felt so elegant at this Homestead at Heritage kitchen!

Briar Chapel

While we love dark kitchens such as the one in Homestead at Heritage, we also love light kitchens! 5 Best Kitchens in Raleigh - Saussy Burbank - Briar ChapelThis kitchen at Briar Chapel by Saussy Burbank is all about light. Some new home buyers are under the impression that having a white kitchen makes everything look more dirty, but it’s quite the opposite. White kitchens make everything seem brighter and cleaner – and all of the natural light in this eating area makes the space seem bigger as well. The designers at Saussy Burbank have styled this kitchen with light wooden floors, white/transparent accessories, and stainless steel appliances, giving it a chic, country-style look that manages to still feel modern and unique.

Weaver’s Pond

5 Best Kitchens in Raleigh - Weaver's Pond kitchenThis kitchen at Weaver’s Pond by Bill Clark Homes is streamlined for accessibility and easy use for the busiest of cooks! Going back and forth between the sink, the stove, counters, and the fridge never felt so easy in this kitchen. One of the most important qualities in a kitchen is convenience – if you have a huge kitchen with gorgeous accessories, but walking space is too tight, cooking will be more frustrating than enjoyable. This Weaver’s Pond kitchen provides tons of walking space, not to mention gorgeous dark cabinets and granite countertops. The dining area is just a few steps away, as well as an open living area so that the kitchen isn’t closed off from the rest of the home.

Carolina Arbors

Carolina Arbors, a 55+ community by Del Webb, also has an open floor plan, making it a perfect place to entertain and engage with family and friends. 5 Best Kitchens in Raleigh - Carolina Arbors - kitchen and dining areaThe kitchen itself has white cabinetry and black countertops, a modern look for this Durham area home. The modern design of the kitchen is balanced by the light wooden tabletops, flooring, and even the doors in this space – giving it more of a classic feel. One of the things that makes kitchens have a warm feeling to them is the people who are in them. If your kitchen opens up to a dining room or even a living room, such as this one, you know that there will be many conversations and laughs in that area. Closing off a kitchen space into it’s own separate room isn’t the best design to inspire happiness and togetherness. This kitchen at Carolina Arbors is spacious and perfect!

Emerald Woods

5 Best Kitchens in Raleigh - Emerald Woods kitchen - New homes in Wake ForestThe kitchen space at Emerald Woods by Terramor Homes has the perfect “family-style” design. The kitchen is centered around the oversized island, making it a great space for family to gather and be involved in the cooking process. The rich brown hardwoods and the beige and light brown accessories underneath warm lighting makes the room feel like it’s an intimate space. The combination of the light backsplash, cute accessories, and stainless steel appliances make it a The dining room table is set just off the kitchen, and chairs at the island make it an encouraging place to just sit and have a conversation.

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