Keep Your Home Cool Without AC Using These 6 Tips

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Did you know that there are plenty of ways to keep your home cool without having to crank the air conditioning all the way down in order to save money on your home’s electricity bill? Despite North Carolina’s hot and humid climate, you can still stay cool inside all summer without having to keep the AC on throughout the entire day. Thanks to the help of Meritage Homes, here are six tips on keeping cool through the end of the next two months when summer winds down:

Close the blinds

It sounds simple, but many people forget to close their blinds during the day. Did you know that 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows? By closing your blinds and utilizing curtains, indoor temperatures can be lowered by up to 20 degrees. That’s a lot!

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Buy an energy-efficient home

When searching for a new home, being energy efficient might not be high on your list of priorities. It should be. Meritage Homes have won the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest ENERGY STAR award for the fourth consecutive year for building 100 percent ENERGY STAR certified homes. What does this mean for you? Major savings. Meritage boasts homes that on average, are twice as energy-efficient as any other typical home of the same size. Spanning a 30-year period, that means $50,000 dollars in energy bill savings. Imagine what you could do with that money.

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Close your doors

Keep your air centralized to the common areas by closing off bedroom doors during the hottest part of the day. At night during the cooler hours, let the air flow naturally through your home.

Make sure your sheets are cotton

We all love the feeling of jersey sheets on a cold winter night. But have you forgotten to swap your out this summer? Flannel blankets and fleece are great for the winter but should be swapped for cotton during the summer. Cotton breathes easier and stays cooler. Plus, you’ll sleep better. Meritage offers plenty of gorgeous bedroom options with floorplans that allow you to have endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your home. No matter what season it is, you’ll find yourself sleeping great inside one of these homes.

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Switch your ceiling fan’s direction

You might not know it, but your ceiling fan needs to change with the seasons. Set it counter-clockwise during the summer at a higher speed. This allows the fan’s airflow to create a wind-chill breeze effect, ultimately cooling the room down. Many of Meritage’s floorplans come equipped with overhead fans for comfort.

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Take your dinner outside

It’s a no brainer, but using the oven will make your home hotter during the summer. If it already feels 100 degrees outside, why bring that feeling inside? Instead, try grilling your dinner tonight. You’ll keep the heat outdoors, and get to utilize your outdoor furniture. Lots of Meritage Homes offer spacious patio areas that provide the perfect spot for family dinners spent outside.

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