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When you choose to buy a new home, you often get to design certain features and choose options that make it feel more personal to you and your family. A home builder’s design center, sometimes set up in a model home and sometimes built separately, introduces you to all of your options side by side and a consultant typically walks you through the process to help you make decisions. The Homes by Dickerson Design Center at Wendell Falls is incomparable to any other design center you’ve ever seen, and is built for the ultimate design experience.

It can be hard to include every option in one design center, but Homes by Dickerson at Wendell Falls does their best to accommodate every style and aesthetic for every type of buyer. The choices can be seen in the model and design center – for example, the granite countertops throughout the home are a design option that buyers may choose from, as well as light fixtures – in order for buyers to really be able to picture themselves in the home with the features that they’re choosing from. Being able to really see what you’re getting versus just picking out of a lineup of samples makes a huge difference for the buyer. It makes the choice easier and it also leaves them satisfied that they know what they’re really getting. The Homes by Dickerson Wendell Falls design center being located onsite also makes a difference in the buyer’s decisions. It’s the ultimate convenience!

The design center is located in the newly transformed two-story garage of the Oberlin model home, with the first floor showcasing the most popular tile, faucet, granite and flooring selections and the loft featuring an office and planning space for the design team.

Wendell Falls Design Center by Homes by Dickerson

Photo Courtesy of Homes by Dickerson

Of course, just because the most popular selections are on display doesn’t mean there aren’t more for you to choose from. Homes by Dickerson is considered a true custom home builder and can work to meet the specific wants and needs of any new home buyer. The center, designed for comfort, also features lots of seating and an abundance of natural lighting so that buyers can make their best decisions in a relaxed environment. Does your personal style lean more to the modern or eclectic? They’ve got options for you. If your style is simple and classic – you’ve got options. No matter how you want your home to look, Homes by Dickerson has something that appeals to everyone’s style.

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