Here’s How You Can Build a Home on Your Own Lot in the Triangle

Home | Here’s How You Can Build a Home on Your Own Lot in the Triangle

For many, the thought of building your dream home on a lot that you’ve selected would be the ideal situation. Whether you want lots of land, proximity to shopping and groceries, or maybe even scenery – visualizing your perfect home becomes easier when you’ve got the perfect lot to build on.

Thankfully, that dream can be a reality when you choose to build on your own lot by choosing Drees Homes as a builder. Drees will build one of its award-winning homes on your existing property or choice location – almost anywhere your heart desires in the Triangle of North Carolina.

So what exactly does this mean? Drees will provide both guidance and support along the way with trained professionals as you navigate through the new home building process. You’ll be able to choose from any award-winning floor plan that Drees has, with plenty of room for flexibility to modify.

In case you’ve never considered a BOYL option, here are some reasons why it might be the perfect fit for you.

Less Restrictions

When you’re building on your own lot, you’re not subjected to as strict of rules as those within a master-planned community for example. If you want to paint the door a vibrant color, you can! With Drees Build On Your Lot option, you’ll find that you have countless options when it comes to the details.

More Affordable

If you weren’t aware, custom homes can be pretty pricey. From intricate interior and exterior finishes to higher costs per square foot, the dollar amount can quickly get out of control with a custom home. With Drees, you’ll find that you can still build on your lot at a fraction of the price.

Because of the company’s wide variety of finishes, floor plans, and incredible customer service, your home will feel like it’s custom by the time you’re done – at a much more affordable price.

Potential for Profit

Any kind of new home will raise the value of undeveloped land. As soon as you start to build, you can be sure to get more out of your lot than you paid for. In the Triangle, the market is currently a sellers’ market, which means that your Drees home will appreciate from the moment you start to build. The bottom line is that buying your own lot gives you the opportunity to build a solid investment.

If you’re interested in building on your own lot, don’t hesitate to contact Drees Homes.