From Drab to Fab: How Furniture Showrooms are Redefining Home Design

Home | From Drab to Fab: How Furniture Showrooms are Redefining Home Design

By Michael Strauss, Principal Designer, The Design Haüs

Photos Courtesy of The Design Haüs

The world of interior design is in a constant state of evolution, and one of the most exciting trends to emerge in recent years is the transformation of furniture showrooms into style hubs. These spaces have evolved from mere retail outlets into immersive environments where homeowners can explore the latest trends and products that can turn their living spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

One local example of this evolution is demonstrated at The Design Haüs. Nestled in the heart of downtown Clayton, The Design Haüs has redefined what it means to shop for furniture and embark on home design projects. What sets it apart is not only its expansive collection of furniture but also the expert interior design services offered. The Design Haüs is more than a showroom; it’s a full-fledged design studio.

The showroom boasts a vast array of customizable furniture pieces, offering homeowners the opportunity to curate their living spaces to reflect their unique tastes and preferences. With a team of experienced interior designers, The Design Haüs can transform any drab space into a fabulously stylish and comfortable home.

The evolution of furniture showrooms into style hubs benefits homeowners in several ways. First, it makes professional interior design services more accessible. Homeowners no longer need to rely solely on their own design instincts. Presenting a clear design upfront plays a pivotal role in minimizing costly mistakes in any project. It acts as a roadmap, steering the process away from the pitfalls of bland, overly safe, or uninspired designs. When a well-thought-out design is established from the outset, it encourages outside-the-box thinking and fosters the exploration of innovative concepts that may not have been previously considered.

Secondly, the emphasis on customization and personalization ensures homeowners can create spaces that are uniquely their own. No more settling for one-size-fits-all furniture; now, homeowners can select pieces to match their individual style and preferences, truly making their homes an extension of themselves.

The Design Haüs, along with its talented design team, has developed a “Drab to Fab” philosophy that guides their approach to interior design. This philosophy centers on the idea that any space, no matter how uninspiring it may seem initially, can be transformed into something fabulous with the right design elements and expertise.

Here are the top five tips for updating your space to elevate its look:

Accent Walls – Accent walls are a great way to add dimension and texture to any room. Whether opting for a bold color or a patterned wallpaper, accent walls create a focal point that draws the eye and adds visual interest. They can be a cost-effective way to update your decor without a full renovation.

Window Treatments – Drapery panels, upholstered cornices and roman shades are great for light control and privacy but also soften what are otherwise boring and lack luster windows.  Window treatments can be a subtle accent or a bold statement in the design.

Rugs – Rugs are literally the grounding factor in any design. Choosing the right size is crucial in creating a cohesive and balanced space. Better to go slightly too large than too small in order for your space to feel pulled together and well balanced. Rugs have the ability to distinguish one room from another, add color, depth, texture and warmth to a space.

Accents & Accessories – Accessories such as artwork, throw pillows, and mirrors can inject personality into your space. Also this is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change up your space and give it a fresh new style throughout the year.

Lighting – Great lighting can make or break a design.  By selecting a variety of lighting sources such as lamps, sconces or chandeliers, the right lighting creates an ambiance and can highlight key design elements. After all… you want to see your beautiful space and enjoy it. Like rugs, scale is very important. Better to go slightly too large than too small. Lighting can be the jewelry of any design.

To illustrate the power of these design principles, The Design Haüs features a portfolio of real-life transformations. They have turned drab, uninspiring spaces and ordinary homes into stunning showcases of design expertise. One such transformation was a once neglected dining room emerging as a vibrant and functional lounge room that now steals the spotlight in one client’s home. Originally designated as a dining area, this space remained unused, and its potential untapped. With a vision for change and a desire to maximize living space, the once-muted walls now wear a dark botanical inspired metallic wallpaper, and the coffered ceilings stand out in a high gloss black paint and bold metallic wallpaper.  With its newfound identity, this lounge room has become the heart of the client’s home, a space where they entertain guests or simply bask in the inviting ambiance. This transformation shows that even the most overlooked spaces can blossom into something truly extraordinary.

The “re-SET” on CBS’ popular morning talk show, My Carolina, marks a significant transformation made possible through The Design Haüs partnership with ICID World. This collaboration has opened doors to an exciting chapter of change and innovation. The stage reset with My Carolina ushered in a vibrant and refreshing transformation for the host’s seating area. This overhaul introduced a striking and bold design change, injecting the space with an explosion of colors with a fresh, contemporary feel. The Design Haüs’ weekly appearances have offered viewers a first-hand look into tips and tricks along with style guides to bring simple ideas to life in their homes.

The evolution of furniture showrooms into style hubs has opened up exciting possibilities for homeowners. The Design Haüs and similar establishments offer not only a wide selection of customizable furniture but also expert design services that can turn any space from “Drab to Fab”. With a focus on quality, personalization, and practical design tips, these showrooms provide a valuable resource for homeowners looking to elevate the look and feel of their homes.

So, homeowners, it’s time to explore this valuable resource and seize the opportunity to transform your living spaces with expert guidance and unique furniture solutions. Your dream home is just a showroom visit away, and the results can be nothing short of fabulous.

Michael Strauss, Owner & Principal Designer of The Design Haüs and Partner with ICID World, is an award winning interior designer originally from New York and based in North Carolina. Known for his distinctive design style, layering patterns and colors gives his designs a certain edge to feel classic yet on trend. The Design Haüs is a retail showroom and design studio showcasing the most current furniture and design trends. It recently was named the “Best Furniture & Home Decor Store” in the Triangle. Discover The Design Haüs at or visit their showroom at 404 E. Main Street in the heart of Downtown Clayton.