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Talk about a growing town, Rolesville has transformed from a small farming community to a bustling suburb just 16 miles from Raleigh.

Until recently, it was a town that people left in order to go to work, shop, or for leisure. The town is now taking action to make Rolesville more than just a place to live. With its comprehensive plan, the city government desires to really put Rolesville on the map.

“People are wanting to have more things closer to them, rather than having to go to Raleigh or Wake Forest exclusively,” town Planning Director Danny Johnson told the News and Observer. We are seeing builders take part in this attraction to Rolesville. Willoughby is a community where you’ll find wooded home sites and gorgeous luxury homes.

Willoughby by HHHunt Homes

Willoughby by HHHunt Homes

The town has seen more than a 60 percent growth in the past few years, and the average age is 35-10 years younger than the state average.

The growth plan would include a downtown, providing various types of gathering places for residents. In hopes to encourage private developers to come in and build apartments and businesses, the town will build a library and community center, amongst others. Additionally, having a downtown allows for downtown events, stimulating the local economy and the future attraction of Rolesville. It already has an amazing swim and athletic club inside the Granite Falls home community.

Outdoor living in Granite Falls

Granite Falls by HHHunt Homes

You don’t have to worry about getting to Rolesville, as the US 401 Rolesville bypass opened in 2015. While it may still be a growing town and is being discovered by Triangle locals, Rolesville is actually the second oldest town in Wake County. It is a town where old and new converges, in its quest to bring more hustle and bustle inside city limits. And we strongly believe that Rolesville is where you need to be! Or, where you will wish you would have been in a few years time. named it the 7th Best Boom Town in the US.

Are you looking to move to Rolesville? Luckily, there are excellent options when searching in this up and coming town.  Additionally, Granite Falls offers beautiful homes in this small town, including a swim and athletic club.

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