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Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a recent phenomenon that has taken the nation by storm. If you have children, there’s a good chance that their time has been consumed by the app ever since its launch on July 6. According to Fortune Magazine, Nintendo’s market cap has doubled to $42 billion in only a few short weeks.

If you aren’t familiar with Pokémon GO, allow us to give you a rundown. The app is free for starters, and all you need is a Google account to play. After customizing an avatar and picking out an outfit, you’re ready to get started.

The app then tracks your movements on your phone, and gives you a 360-view while your avatar stands by. On the screen, you will see “PokeStops” that are represented by real-world landmarks, bridges, lakes, etc. By “tagging” these spots, you will then earn “Poke Balls.”

pokemon monsters

Pokémon characters appear on your screen, where you are then supposed to catch them with your accrued Poke Balls from checking in at PokeStops. Thanks to your phone’s camera, Pokémon can be seen in everyday activities.

With that being said, you want to live somewhere close to where the monsters are, right? In addition to finding a gorgeous new home, you can entertain the kids as well. Here are several communities in the Triangle area that are sure to have a Pokémon or two floating around the neighborhood.

    • Green Hope Crossing – Located close to High House Rd. in Cary, Green Hope Crossing is a community of new townhomes with a starting price in the low $300s. According to Pokecrew, both Golbat and Exeggcute are located within three miles of this townhome community. Also with convenience to major highways and shopping/dining areas, these energy-efficient townhomes are key to a simpler lifestyle.


  • Park West – Don’t look now, but apparently the beloved Pikachu is somewhere lurking around Park West in Cary. These townhomes priced in the upper $200s feature five unique floor plans with up to four bedrooms and three baths. Conveniently located close to I-40, these townhomes make travel easy for the entire family. With upgraded features in these brand new townhomes, you’ll never want to leave.


  • Copperleaf – Once you lay eyes on the cute, fox-like Pokémon better known as Eevee, you’ll see why your kids want to stay around the Copperleaf community. These luxury homes reside in the desirable area of West Cary, with a starting price in the $750s. Featuring a huge community pool, trails and waterslide, your children can chase Pokémon or play at the pool.


  • Haywood – With a plethora of Pokémon sightings near the Glenwood Ave. area, Haywood is the perfect location to live at in order to “catch ‘em all.” These homes start in the low $700s, and included wooded homes with basements. The trim detailing adds a classic look that is sure to awe. With options for ranch style or two-story plans, Haywood will be sure to have everything you might be looking for in a new home.


  • McKenzie Ridge – According to Pokecrew yet again, the area of West Apex is loaded with both rare and common monsters throughout the area. McKenzie Ridge homes by Meritage have the look of elegant architecture that combines a variety of trims in order to provide something for all types of families. Starting in the low $300s, these single-family homes and townhomes have easy access to shopping areas, trails, and is only minutes from Downtown Apex.

If your children are a factor in choosing a new home, consider one of these featured communities. It’s looking as though the Pokémon GO craze is here to stay, so why not make the most of it?