Enjoying Thanksgiving in the Triangle Safely in the Middle of COVID-19

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As the leaves begin to fall to the ground and the weather’s crisp air begins to creep in, it’s an annual reminder that the holiday season is quickly approaching. With that being said, unprecedented 2020 has brought forth a lot of challenges and questions surrounding normal holiday gatherings as a major departure from just a year ago. Despite the pandemic, there is still much to be thankful for in the Triangle area. We’re here to give you some tips on how you can still enjoy Thanksgiving by doing it safely. Check out the following tips to stay healthy as you try to make the most of this holiday season.

Limit Your Guests

While it’s great fun to be the host of a large Thanksgiving gathering, the CDC recommends double checking your guest list this year. As unfortunate as it may seem, only having those in your immediate family is your safest bet. If extended family is still planning on coming, it’s best to establish a plan for how you’ll handle things. Whether it’s requiring everyone to get tested before coming, or simply just requesting that everyone wear masks – there are always safety precautions you can take as extra measures to prevent getting sick.

Make Sure To Accommodate

If you’re traveling, make sure to bring extra masks with you to wherever you’re headed. It’s also probably smart to ask that your host stocks up on hand sanitizer as a precaution to avoid the spread of germs. A good idea is to set up multiple “sanitizing stations” throughout your home – especially for children who often are less cautious when it comes to being exposed.

Consider Thanksgiving Outdoors

Caruso-Olde Mill Trace

Olde Mill Trace; Photo courtesy of Caruso Homes

In the Triangle, there are plenty of new home communities that make lovely settings for outdoor Thanksgiving gatherings. If the weather looks like it will cooperate, set up an outdoor table as a change of scenery this year. Caruso Homes offers breathtaking floor plans at Olde Mill Trace with screened in porches to allow for fresh air and social distancing.

Although not screened in, Toll Brothers’ homes at The Point at Lake Castleberry provide the ultimate outdoor escape in your own backyard with awnings, outdoor seating options, fireplaces, and large back porches that allow for a spectacular Thanksgiving setup.

Don’t Forget to Clean

When handling food, make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds before touching anything. Consider having one person doing the serving instead of allowing everyone to have their hands in Nana’s famous mashed potatoes. Throw away plates and silverware are another good option to limit contact with unnecessary germs this year.

No matter how you and your loved ones celebrate Thanksgiving this year, don’t forget that the people are the most important part of the experience. Planning, preparation, and a few precautions can help keep those gathered around the table feel a little safer and a lot healthier.

By Kendra Stowe