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Live in Apex and experience glorious small town living. Apex, North Carolina has long been known as the Peak of Good Living. After being named Money Magazine’s #1 place to live in the US, the rest of the country found out about the gorgeous town we all loved already. With its quaint and nostalgic historic downtown, safe and beautiful home communities, and great restaurants, Apex is hard to beat. Here are just 5 reasons why you should live in Apex. (That is, if you didn’t know already.)

Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake is a huge part of why Apex is so great. Of course being two hours from the beach has its perks. However, being at home and on the water at the same time is hard to beat.

With a State Recreation Area including campsites,

it also offers hiking trails and lots of opportunities to see wildlife, like bald eagles.

Has been living by the lake always been your dream? The Enclave at White Oak Creek is an amazing community!


A Great Sense of Community

Whether it’s the historic downtown or the tradition of Apex High School since 1920 as Apex Senior High, there’s something in Apex that makes it feel like home. There is an amazing sense of community there. Walking down the street, going to your same stores, you see people you know. You have the same cashier, or the store owner is likely there already, and they know your name. It is very Mayberry-esque, and it’s nice to have that living so close to a large city. And who can forget that iconic water tower?

Downtown Scene

When talking about Apex with anyone, downtown is always a first thought that comes to mind. There is so much history on Salem Street, and you can tell just by looking at the old painted brick buildings with their big glass storefronts. Go on a walk and look at all of the beautiful architecture of the historic homes. With long-standing Anna’s Pizza, La Rancherita, Salem Street Pub, and more, the restaurants bring so much variety and that community-feel to Apex. There is something about a place that has been there for many years. Just stopping in Apex for a quick visit? Make sure to grab a coffee at Common Grounds, too. Locally owned and a great coffee scene, Common Grounds is perfect for a quick drink or a visit with an old friend.

If you want to walk to downtown Apex from your new home, check out Salem Village Estates!


American Tobacco Trail

The American Tobacco Trail (ATT) is a 22 mile trail project that crosses though Durham, Chatham, and Wake Counties. Though most of Apex is now developed, the ATT is a great place to get away and experience nature.

Great Shopping

There are tons of great stores and restaurants downtown. Not to be missed is the antique and home décor shops. You could make a whole day of antiquing and eating in Apex. With Antiques on Salem Street, The Rusty Bucket, Stylish Living, and more, there are tons to see and buy for your home. If its gifts you’re looking for, check out Apex Outfitter, or The Doodling Bug. Much more shopping can be done at big named stores in Beaver Creek, as well, which really makes Apex a place you never have to leave!

Are you looking to live in Apex? We don’t blame you! Check out more about this great town on our website.