Landscaping Your New Construction Home

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Moving into a new construction home is like buying a blank canvas. You’ve spent hours on Pinterest planning out every detail of every room, and you’re ready to hang that trendy wall art you found on Etsy. Before you know it, it’s move-in day. You pull into your fresh, oil stain-free driveway, and quickly notice you might have forgotten to plan out one detail-the yard. In truth, your yard deserves just as much preparation and TLC as the rest of your house. Before you dig into your new yard, here’s a few scenarios home buyers face when creating a landscaping plan for their new home.

Your new yard is naked

New yards usually only come with grass. Some builders might include a sapling or shrubs, but you’re basically starting from scratch. When creating a landscaping plan, design with your house in mind. You may want bright lawn ornaments, but that might take away from other exterior features of your house. Also, don’t forget about your backyard. If you have young children, you may want to keep landscaping minimal to make way for a playset. If you like to have guests over, you may want to go all out with a gazebo or outdoor bar. See our post on 2019 Gardening Trends to get up to date on the latest landscaping ideas.

You have the vision but need help with the execution

Landscaping can take a while to develop so it may be helpful to implement your landscaping plan while your house is still being built. Trees, shrubs, decks, patios, sprinklers, fencing, and flower beds are all upgrades some builders offer for an additional fee. Typically, these features can be added prior to your move. If you find yourself needing inspiration or want something that’s not offered by the builder, hiring a landscaper may be a good option. A+ Tree & Crane Services are a recommended landscaper for the Triangle. Click here  to see their list of services.

Location, Location, Location

Location and privacy are important factors to consider when moving to your new home. Depending on which directionyour yard faces, the sunshine beaming through your house can make things a little toasty. For this scenario, you may want to have trees planted in the yard to provide shade. If you need a little extra privacy from your neighbors, you can get creative with evergreen trees and tall shrubbery. While trees can be used for privacy, fencing is also an option. Most homes either come with a fence or provide the option to have one built. If your home came with a fence, it’s likely the builder has a standard design that is used for the whole community, or set designs you can choose from. If you are getting a custom fence built, you’ll have the option to choose your material (wood, iron, vinyl etc.). Either way, this is something you should consider before moving into your new home. 

More house vs. More yard

This scenario is really based on personal preference. Whichever you choose, you can still make do with both. For those who decide they’d rather spend their dollars on a larger house, you’re likely to find yourself with a small yard. A small yard usually attracts buyers without children or pets who don’t plan on spending a lot of time outside. For them, less is more, and nicely trimmed grass may be all the landscaping they need. For families and pet parents, more yard and a house with less square footage may be an easy trade-off. They are likely to spend more time outside and may not mind putting in the extra dollars to have a comfortable outdoor space.

Whether you plan on spending lots of time outside or you just want something nice to look at when you get home, your yard will add value to your home and be a part of your memories for years to come.