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Otrada Design LLC started in 2008 from a desire to share my creativity, utilize my design skills and in essence make people’s lives more beautiful. Everyone’s design aesthetic evolves. I get inspiration from art, global adventures, animals, and a penchant for stylish living. I believe our surroundings should be authentic, chic, and different. We must learn to celebrate what makes each of us special and stop following the latest trends. There is no standard on style. I’m happy to assist you on your journey from figuring out your design preferences to executing the construction of your new home. I want you eager to ask for more beauty in your life so let’s get started on your luxury home today!

Anita Bhattacharya, NCIDQ

Company Phone Number:  813-389-0116

Company Email/Website Address: info@otradadesign.com; otradadesign.com

Hours: Mon-Sat by appointment

Photo credit: Raif Fluker