Most Wanted Features in Millennial Home Buying

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Millennial home buying is now more popular than ever. Millennial home buyers now makeup 35% of the market. A lot are even looking because of their dogs! Even in this crazy season in the industry, they’re not just looking for any type of homes. They have a few things on their checklist when looking for their new abode. See if these match up with your home check list!

millennial home buying

photo courtesy of Drees Homes

A Separate Laundry Room

Millennials are looking for separate laundry rooms. They want a specific space for laundry, to declutter and provide a secluded place for clothes and storage. Having a set apart space makes this household chore a bit more manageable. There’s space for a drying rack, even shelves and bins for clothes, maybe. However the laundry room looks, it’s always convenient to be able to shut the door so guests can’t see in.


Outdoor Lighting

We’ve all seen the gorgeous backyards filled with string lights. These, along with other exterior lighting features, are what millennials are looking for. 90% of all buyers are looking to illuminate their yards. Having good outdoor lighting provides a number of benefits, like added safety and security. Additionally, lights outside can extend your living spaces and provide a gathering place other that your living or dining areas. Of course, lighting outside always ups your curb appeal, and seems more friendly for neighbors.

Open Floor Plan

millennial home buying

photo courtesy of Level Homes

Maybe its seeing Joanna Gaines knock out the walls between the living area and the kitchen so many times on Fixer Upper, but millennials are looking for open floor plans. They want open space in their homes for entertaining and their future (or existing) families. Its nice to them to be able to look out from their kitchen island and see the living room, and maybe even the front door or back door. We’ve seen more open floor plans than ever in our recent model-home visits across the Triangle, as well.

Hardwood Floors

It’s no secret that hardwood floors are trendy lately, and millennials are no different. Possibly because many of them have dogs, and they are much easier to clean, hardwoods are more desirable among this age group. They give a clean, polished look to the home. Millennials are very interested in the layout and design features, so hardwood floors are important to them.

millennial home buying

Creekview at Traditions by Wilson Parker Homes

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