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So you’re buying your first home. It’s one of the most important purchases of your life, and so you want to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. In a housing market as hot as the Raleigh area’s, there’s many amazing choices for your new home, and in hopes of making it easier, we’re giving you our top first-time home buyer tips!

List Needs vs. Wants

It’s so tempting to give in to the upgrades offered by new home builders, or to buy a home with more space than you planned on because it might be worth it later. Make a list of what you absolutely need in a home. Do you need a certain amount of square footage? Do you need a basement or a third floor? Can you afford a fixer-upper? Making a list of absolute necessities make it easier to say no to the extras that you’ll be tempted by later. Make sure you’re following the amount of loan you’re able to get. If you’re only good for $300,000 with your lender, don’t look at homes that are in the $400s. Doing this before you start your home search will make your search not only easier (because you’ve got your list of needs already made, and your price range already solidified) but you’ll be happier in the long run if you don’t give in to the “wants.”

Sterling Crest - new homes in wake forest near falls lake

New Home in Wake Forest by HHHunt Homes.

Plan for the Future

Even though it might seem silly or like an overkill move, consider your future plans when deciding on your new home. Do you want kids in the next five years? Do you see your aging parents or grandparents moving in with you? Do you think your children will want to move back in with you after college? Planning out your space, even with it is somewhat far into the future, is the best way to be prepared. Also – plan for the resale. Is the home you want cheaply priced because it’s in a bad area? That won’t be an easy home to sell when you’re ready to move on. Plan for the cost, as well. Your home payments might seem low, but factor in Home Owner’s Assocation payments, potential repair costs, property taxes, mortgages, etc. These payments add up, and you might need to adjust your home price to a lower amount in order to make sure that you can make all of the payments monthly.

Get a Home Inspection

Home inspections are vital, even if you’re buying new construction. Your house may appear perfect to you, but the home inspector knows what to look for in terms of potential hazards and issues. Don’t think that “easy fixes” are really easy fixes. Get everything properly looked at and don’t overestimate your ability to fix something yourself. You want your home to be safe when you move in, and DIY fixes might get pushed off or become something too big for you to handle by yourself. Choosing to hire a professional instead of doing it yourself typically always works out better in the long run, and here’s why.

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