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I am always fascinated with the opportunities available to us in this area that we call home. From world-class universities and innovative companies to beautiful views and a thriving cultural scene -The Triangle is a place where city and country work together to offer its residents the best of all possibilities.

It is no wonder that we have Master Planned Communities which also reflect those same diverse opportunities, acting as havens where homeowners can “Live, Work and Play”-merging their family life, livelihood, and interests. Two examples of successful Master Planned Communities in the Triangle include Flowers Plantation and 12 Oaks. Both neighborhoods have garnered incredible reputations for offering a desired lifestyle and beautiful, well-built homes. Let’s dive into what makes these Master Planned Communities appealing for those buyers who choose to live in them.

Photo courtesy of Flowers Plantation

At Flowers Plantation, you will certainly not lack for amenities in this Clayton-based jewel which features a 20,000 square foot clubhouse, three pools, an impressive fitness center, on-site spa, a delightful café, and so much more! The Flowers team has done an exceptional job of implementing activities that are engaging and relaxing in an environment where “southern charm and hospitality are second to none.” Flowers Plantation Owner, Rebecca Flowers, believes that “everyone yearns for a home in a country setting yet desires all the convenience of metropolitan living.” So, they have created that reality within their stunning rural setting while providing exciting, modern services for the enjoyment of their residents and guests.

“We strive to be known as the best Community on the East Coast by providing excellent service, a superior standard of product, and a comfortable and beautiful environment.”

Their company vision supports the “Live, Work, and Play” mindset as it addresses a holistic approach to neighborhood living. The Flowers’ commitment to excellence does not stop with the aforementioned amenities but extends into every decision that goes into the neighborhood. Set on 3,000 lush acres, Flowers Plantation is steeped in rich North Carolina history that is felt as you drive through its strategically placed neighborhoods. Homes are offered for every lifestyle and demographic from townhomes and single-family homes to estate-style homes and 55+ communities with the plan being to fit the needs of families at any stage in their lives. Every detail is taken into account for the people and families that live within the boundaries of this Master Planned Community.

“We have four [separate] 55+ neighborhoods to accommodate the growing trend in Active Adult housing,” said Reid Stephenson, CEO of Flowers Plantation. “Our private streets are safe for golf carts and there is golf cart parking at the shopping center as well as at The Club.”

Strolling through this community also allows for beautiful wooded and pond views along six miles of walking and biking trails; however, the award-winning development team understands that life is more than just nature hikes and spa appointments. That holistic approach must include everyday needs and conveniences such as the two shopping centers on property including two grocery stores as well as a dental and medical facility. An additional commercial center is also being planned to meet growing demands. Within the property there are two elementary schools as well as a daycare facility allowing parents and caregivers the flexibility needed to “Live, Work and Play” in the same area.

Nestled in prestigious Holly Springs, 12 Oaks is a “thriving, lively community with amazing activities and opportunities right outside your door.” This highly-amenitized neighborhood boasts an 18-hole Nicklaus-designed golf course, three swim facilities and a host of other traditional resources typical of a Master Planned Community of this caliber. However, one of the many things which sets 12 Oaks apart is its offerings of non-traditional activities, such as yoga or Zumba classes, where the residents and programming director can work together to create clubs based on appeal and interest.
Despite private club status, casual dining with no food minimum, breathtaking views and more, 12 Oaks continues to offer a very affordable due structure to its members as the club owns and maintains all activities rather than an HOA.

Photo courtesy of 12 Oaks

This award-winning Master Planned Community is regarded as one of the most sought after living destinations in the state due to the experience of its development leadership. Landeavor principals David Frame and Adam Lorry have close to 50 years of combined experience developing Master Planned Communities and a myriad of success with projects such as 12 Oaks all over the Southeastern part of the United States.

“The vision is always evolving,” said David Mason, Vice President of the Carolinas Territory for Landeavor. “It used to be with Master Planned Communities that you just had core activities you offered but now it is all about lifestyle. The lifestyle dictates the home styles and home products [within a Master Planned Community] and because of that we are constantly challenging ourselves to do things different and new.”

Mason shared two examples of how Landeavor used current trends to help shape the feel and lifestyle offerings in 12 Oaks. First, it recognized the popularity of pickleball and became one of the first Master Planned Communities to offer the sport to its residents. A smart move on Landeavor’s part as pickleball is inclusive of more participants than some of the other sports being offered in competing Master Planned Communities. Since then, interest has grown for this recreational activity resulting in competitions and a new tradition. Secondly, they became aware of their homeowner’s desires for a community garden so they researched plans in 30 to 40 different communities and listened to what their prospects and buyers were saying. They discovered that they could create a community garden that also featured individual family plots. This solution allowed families the option to reap the benefits of all the hard work that they had put into the ground while still promoting community gathering, education, and special events.

Photo courtesy of 12 Oaks

These specifics are just two ways that 12 Oaks has placed lifestyle at the forefront of its mission to provide a top-notch Master Planned Community that appeals to a wide variety of demographics. It is this emphasis on lifestyle which drives their product offering with regards to home styles and pricing.

“We are very in tune with the people buying our homes and it creates an evolution of change with regards to lifestyle and how the community is set up,” said Mason. “If we hear of new product designs, features or elevations that people are interested in, then we recognize those needs and will sit down with our custom home builders to determine new product offerings.”

This mindset from the developer has determined a level of flexibility in the community, one that is always looking for opportunities to enhance the aesthetics, lifestyle and homes offered to the 12 Oaks residents.

Last but not least, 12 Oaks is very well-positioned in The Triangle. They also understand the importance of location and have encouraged the growth that has sprung around this Master Planned Community for the convenience and ease of its residents. A healthy, vibrant network lives around 12 Oaks including public and private school offerings, retail, dining, and incredibly easy access to all different parts of the area.

Live, Work and Play

These are just two of the many Master Planned Communities that embody the characteristics that buyers are looking for when they research and visit Master Planned Communities: lifestyle, aesthetics, location, and quality-built homes. They have set the bar high for other neighborhoods that continue to pop up in this ever-changing, ever-striving place where we all “Live, Work and Play!” Find more information about these and other Master Planned Communities on!

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