I love the new year because I view it as a fresh start – a chance to meet your goals, try something for the first time, or to change something for the better.

Are you on the fence about whether to buy  a home this year? Trust me when I say I understand the hesitation, with the media constantly talking about the rising interest rates. What you also must know is the fact that there aremany positives to buying a home in the new year. Why is 2019 the year for you to purchase a home? Here’s why it’time to take the plunge this year – especially if you’re looking to buy in the Triangle area.For starters, rent is at an all-time high, with it being 36 percent cheaper to buy in the Raleigh, NC area versus rent. The Triangle is projected to experience a 3.4 percent increase in growth over the next few years.The Triangle is in the top 20 percent in the nation for real estate appreciation, which is great for those wanting to invest in a home. If you don’t believe me, how about taking it from Forbes and Money Magazine. North Carolina has continued to rake int he accolades over the past year. Check out the following:


#1 Best States for Business in 2018: North Carolina – Forbes November 2018
#2 Best Places for Business and Careers – Forbes November 2018

#2 Best Big Cities to Live in Right Now – Money Magazine November 2018


Now that I’ve given you the facts, let’s dive into why you should buy a NEW home in 2019. There are many builders in the area offering great incentive programs that
will allow you to add all the bells and whistles or to save you money at closing.They are offering options that will allow you to BUILD the home of your dreams! If you are looking for these incentives or options, be sure to log onto our social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as we are constantly posting opportunities to take advantage of in your buying process. We love providing you with great tools to shop and compare.As always, thank you for picking up the first issue of the year. We are looking forward to bringing you a lot of home buying options and ideas that will inspire you.

Jodi Sauerbier, Regional Publisher, COO

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