Triangle Home Front Presents: Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake is truly one of the most unique communities in the Triangle area, and it’s not just because of the pure beauty of the area. Located in Youngsville, NC, only 8 miles from downtown Wake Forest, Hidden Lake is based around a huge, 80-acre lake with 50 out of their 100 homesites situated lakefront. The community feels like a secluded mountain getaway with the trees, hills and sparkling lake. Homeowners and families can spend the day fishing on the dock or taking a dip in the water, or taking a scenic hike through the nature trails. The community is very family-friendly, and the nearby Wake Forest is full of things to do.

Hidden Lake - new homes in YoungsvilleAlthough the lake is the draw for many potential home visiting in Hidden Lake, they buy for the beautiful craftsmanship of the homes and the amazing architecture. Ange Signature Homes is a custom home builder, which means that they design your home specifically to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

“Most of our customers come to us and we sit down at a conference table with the architect, interior designer, and myself as a builder,” says Rusty Ange, owner of Ange Signature Homes. “We pick a lot, they have a budget in mind, and we sit down and design their home for that family, their lifestyle, their needs, their budgets, and get the whole package together and go about building the home that they eventually move into, and we usually manage to exceed their expectations by getting these professionals involved.”

The personal touch to the process is extremely valuable – each room, each staircase, each square foot of your home is designed specifically for you by a hands-on group of professionals who are dedicated to creating your perfect custom home. “We enjoy the job of building homes for people and making their dreams come true,” says Rusty with a smile. The homes at Hidden Lake reflect Rusty Ange’s love for building people’s dream houses, evident as you drive through the winding streets of the community. Ange Signature Homes not only builds beautiful homes, but very energy-efficient homes, often involving geothermal and advanced insulation techniques. The energy rating in these homes is over 50% more efficient than an average new home.

Find your perfect home in this luxurious getaway at Hidden Lake today!


JODI: Thank you for joining us today here on Triangle Home Front, where we bring you the latest on new homes, new home communities, and local home trends here in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area. I am your host, Jodi Sauerbier, with New Homes & Ideas magazine, and today I’m excited to introduce you to the new home community Hidden Lake, here in Youngsville, North Carolina. Definitely a hidden gem.

BLAIR: Hidden Lake is a tucked away community based around a gorgeous, nearly 80-acre lake, located in Youngsville, North Carolina just 8 miles north of Wake Forest less than 30 miles north of downtown Raleigh. Rusty Ange, the developer of Hidden Lake and exclusive custom home builder for Hidden Lake spoke with us about what Hidden Lake has to offer.

RUSTY: As the name implies, Hidden Lake is centered around a lake. We’ve got a beautiful, 80-acre lake and when you come in the neighborhood, you see what almost feels like a mountainous view out here with the homesites and the lake. People are just enchanted and they’re just awed that this exists right here.

BLAIR: Residents may enjoy the 7-acre amenity site which includes a community lake house with lakeside veranda, a covered outdoor pavilion with a grill and fireplace for family gatherings, and a boat house and fishing pier, with canoes and kayaks provided. The lake is stocked full with a variety of fish so residents of all ages can enjoy a catch. In addition, Hidden Lake has up to 3 miles of walking and nature trails and a 100-acre park of protected wetlands.

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