Finding a new home near a lake in the Triangle can be difficult, but Hidden Lake in Youngsville, NC is the perfect place to lay down your roots. For many new home buyers, they want to see more than just their neighbor’s fence when they walk outside, or to wake up to a view that isn’t the street outside. Lakefront living comes with gorgeous scenery, a natural landscape that can’t be beat, and the peaceful seclusion that many people seek. Let’s take a look at what makes Hidden Lake by Ange Signature Homes the ideal place for a Triangle homeowner to live.

The Atmosphere

Hidden Lake - new homes in Youngsville

Lakeside at Hidden Lake

If you look beyond the scenic views and the lovely landscaping (although it’s definitely hard to forget that!), the atmosphere of living on a lake is much different than living in or near the city or in a typical neighborhood. The privacy that comes with living around the 80-acre Hidden Lake is priceless – there’s no one living right on top of you, and the ability to have peace and quiet all of the time creates a serene ambiance. The lake itself provides many amenities, and a creates a social environment of its own. Neighbors and friends can gather to go swimming, boating, kayaking or fishing, and spend time just soaking in the sun and having quality time. There’s also a 7-acre amenity site, which includes a community lake house with lakeside veranda, covered outdoor pavilion with grill and fireplace, and a boat house and fishing pier. You can take a stroll on the nearly 3 miles of walking and nature trails, or enjoy a short drive to Wake Forest or Raleigh. It’s like living in your very own getaway vacation – you have the water, the fresh air, peacefulness – and you get to come home to it every day.

The Homes

Hidden Lake - new homes in Youngsville

Custom built home at Hidden Lake

The homes are custom built by renowned home builder Ange Signature Homes, who builds each home to fit the home buyer’s lifestyle and needs. Their homes are not only beautiful, they’re energy-efficient, often involving geothermal and advanced insulation techniques, and boast energy ratings of over 50% more efficient than the average new home. Ange Signature Homes’ team includes the architect, interior designer, and Rusty Ange himself, the owner of the company. The process of designing your home becomes easy with such an experienced group of professionals: “We pick a lot, they have a budget in mind, and we sit down and design their home for that family, their lifestyle, their needs, their budgets, and get the whole package together and go about building the home that they eventually move into, and we usually manage to exceed their expectations by getting these professionals involved,” says Rusty Ange.

The Area

Besides the gorgeous, 80-acre lake and nearly 100 acres of protected wetlands, Hidden Lake offers proximity to Wake Forest and Raleigh. Hidden Lake just is 8 miles away from Wake Forest, which is one of the fastest growing areas in the Triangle. They’ve continued their emergence as a major player in the phenomenal growth and activity witnessed throughout the Triangle; with outstanding restaurants and specialty shops. Mindful of its rich heritage, the downtown area is also an officially registered historic district, offering residents a rich cultural experience. Representative of its academic history, Wake Forest maintains its small town character, however, by captivating newcomers and long-time residents alike with its incomparable warmth and charm.

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