Staying Ahead of the Triangle’s Housing Boom at 5401 North

Location is key when it comes to buying or selling a home, and 5401 North is no exception to the rule. Currently, the Triangle area is in the midst of one of the hottest housing booms in the past several years.

All throughout Wake County, new homes, and homes for sale are flying off the market. People are placing an eye on a particular lot only to find out that is has been sold less than an hour later in developments such as 5401 North.

Since the Raleigh area is such a popular destination, new construction is popping up all over the region. Jessica Miller with the 5401 North Development said, “It’s just non-stop. We even had to open up our new section with all the folks coming in.”

This means that realtors are having their work cut out for them as well, trying to keep up with the demand. Miller said, “”A lot of opportunity to work with new people to work with sellers as well because those buyers need to sell their homes.”

In comparison to January 2016’s numbers, new listings are up almost 3 percent in Wake County alone. New homes in Raleigh have proven to be a desirable destination, with developments like 5401 catering to its buyers’ needs and wants.

At 5401 North, plans of action to add nearby elementary and middle schools, a grocery store, and a working farm are currently being discussed. Located off of Louisburg Road in Raleigh, 5401 North aims to combine neighborhood living with modern-day amenities in order to create a community that’s perfect for those of all ages.

At the master-planned community, everything that one needs to make life easy and enjoyable is a part of 5401 North’s vision. Diverse housing styles including both townhomes and single-family homes offer options for people of all ages to find something that they love. With several different builders, the authentic architecture will be a part of the community, instead of mass-produced homes that all look the same for a unique and satisfying new home.

Since more builders and developers are taking notice of the need to create green spaces in the community, 5401 North will include plenty of parks and public spaces that will including hiking and bike trails that will fork throughout the entire community. Gathering spots for neighbors will be the norm, along with the Purple Martin Community Farm as the focal point. The hope of the community is to prove that enough food for an entire neighborhood can be produced on a consistent and regular basis including its restaurants and grocer.

A distinctive town center will provide a space for retailers and businesses to set up shop in while providing a walkable layout for the residents of 5401 North that features opportune access to shopping, dining, and services.

Other amenities in the community include a large pool and a clubhouse. With homes priced in the mid-$200’s, you’ll most definitely find the home of your dreams. Featuring plenty of different colors, architectural options, and décor styles, everyone will be satisfied at 5401 North.

Sound interesting? Check out these new home listings for 5401 North.

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