Everyone wants their kitchen to be a place where guests like to gather and families enjoy spending quality time together, but they also want a design that’s stylish and efficient. How can all that be combined into one kitchen? Here are our top five tips for making your kitchen the best that it can be.

If you’re looking for new homes in the Durham area with big, stylish kitchens, lots of room for storage, and the ability to add your own personal touch, Level Homes‘ Brightleaf at the Park might be the place for you. Their gorgeous kitchen designs are designed to suit your whole family, with tons of space for you to decorate and make your own.


Mix up the old and new

Mixing old and new creates a fresh kitchen vibe

Kitchen Design Tip: Mix old and new

Your grandmother’s dishes are cool again – mixing older, antique items with contemporary will create a unique, fresh vibe for your kitchen. Keep your appliances modern and sleek, but try accessorizing with more rustic furniture or decor. Have an old dining room set that’s outdated looking?

Try pairing it with bright dishes or table accessories that offset the rustic look. Modern bar or island chairs are also easy pieces to add to the eclectic feel, without upsetting the balance between old and new.

Creative storage

Even with tons of cabinet space, storage in the kitchen can get tricky very quickly. Items get jumbled and mixed together, and your organization can quickly fall to pieces if you’re in a rush in the morning or just never get around to putting everything in the right place. One way to solve this is to label everything. Create bins and baskets with labels (i.e. spices, baking supplies, snacks) so that everything gets put away in the right spot and you don’t waste time hunting for everything you need. Also make sure to manage your sink space properly. The area in and around the sink can often get cluttered. Even if you have dirty dishes in the sink, ensure that it doesn’t get too messy by adding storage containers for sponges, dish brushes, and dish soap. The containers remain within reach, but don’t cover as much space as loose cleaning items do. Office organizers work well for holding these items.

Tasteful accessories

Accessories are an easy, cheap way to make your kitchen look fresh and add pops of color where needed. Vases for the table, counter, or island with an original color or pattern add a fun flavor to your kitchen and don’t take up too much counter space. You could also accessorize with place mats, curtains or shades, or unexpected rugs next to the island or in front of the sink with a cool design. Accessories are the best way to bring life into a neutrally toned kitchen, and to add something unexpected without a huge commitment (such as painting bright walls or cabinets).

Go gourmet

More and more new home buyers in the Raleigh-Durham area are seeking gourmet kitchens to accommodate all their culinary needs.

Gourmet kitchens at Brightleaf at the Park feature double ovens and lots of storage

Gourmet kitchen design at Brightleaf at the Park

The double oven is a staple of the gourmet kitchen, and homeowners at Brightleaf at the Park love being able to cook more efficiently and quickly.

There’s also storage above, below, and beside the ovens, creating a perfect space for more logical, orderly cooking. A well-placed island is vital to a true gourmet kitchen as well. Buyers need the extra space, and for the island to be conveniently located for quick and easy movement around the kitchen with no traffic issues.

Ask your builder about the other upgrades available that can make your kitchen gourmet.

Commit to color

If accessories with pops of color aren’t enough for you, make a commitment and go big. If your kitchen is neutrally toned, try an accent wall to spice it up. An accent wall near the dining area can really brighten your day and create a happier atmosphere. You could also opt for colorful appliances (toasters, blenders, microwaves) and store them on your counters to add fun colors to the area. A painted table or chairs are also large enough pieces of furniture to change the feel of the room with not too much commitment. Be sure that their color is consistent throughout the rest of the room and matches the accessories and other decor, such as dish towels or oven mitts (if they’re out in the open).

Check out the gourmet kitchens at Brightleaf at the Park.