Your coffee table is literally the center of your living room. It’s a place everyone gathers around when you’re home, when family or friends are over, or just when you’re Netflix-bingeing by yourself. Why not style it to make it attractive and welcoming? Here are a few tips on styling your coffee table.

Coffee Table

Check out this coffee table from The Austin model home at
The Villages of Apex by True Homes USA.

Stand Up to Stand Out

To make your coffee table stand out, you first need some sort of height. This could be candle sticks, a vase, or a lantern. Let it be reflective of your style and the overall look of the coffee table. You could choose something metallic and geometric for a modern feel, or wooden and distressed for a rustic, farmhouse feel.

Keep it Clean

Next, consider adding a tray to put everything on. There are TONS of different styles of trays that are sure to fit your look. Trays are an awesome way to decorate because they also keep you organized. Everything has its place on the tray, which helps keep an overall look of tidiness. Keeping it clean is especially important when your living room can sometimes be the most chaotic room in the house.

On your tray, get a few coffee table books for decoration, or as reading material for your guests. These books are not necessarily titled “coffee table books,” they are usually just large, hardcover books that can range on a number of topics. We recommend checking out this list here of popular coffee table books. You may also subscribe to a magazine and keep a few issues on the table.

It’s All About You

Add a few personal items on your coffee table display, as well. A decorative accessory can say a lot about you, like a golden pineapple, or a rustic antler. They break up the awkward middle section between the tall accessories and your books. Lindsey Coral Harper, designer of the latest Southern Living Idea House, says “if it makes me laugh and it’s under $50, I’m buying it,” when it comes to things like tchotchkes.

The most important thing when it comes to styling any part of your home, of course, is to represent YOU. What things are important to you, and to your family? What colors make you happy? Which textures do you love? Use your own life as your inspiration and you can never go wrong!