Other than the kitchen, the living room is the most visited room in your home. It’s a public space, likely open and accessible by every guest who comes inside. You host parties here, spend time with family and loved ones, binge watch your favorite TV show, all in your living room. Use these tips to make it your favorite room to look at, as well. Small decorative touches can bring your living room to life and make it totally your own!

The Right Seating Arrangement

Your seating arrangement can completely change your living room. Have you ever rearranged a space and it felt like a different room? Whether you have a small or large area, find the right form and function for how you plan to use this room. If you entertain a lot, it could be important to you to have the most seating options possible. If you enjoy having movie nights often, think about ways to have the most open surfaces for food and drink, and a cozy space to sit.

Coffee Table Decor

Curate your coffee table (or use an ottoman) for the essentials. Choose a few great coffee table books, one or two magazines, a vase or candlestick holders for height, and a meaningful object or tchotchke.

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Textured Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can change so much about a room. Unhappy with your current sofa or chair? Want to lighten up your room? Pillows can do all of this! Be sure to choose several different pillows, its ok not to match, and maybe even better. Browse Pinterest for some styles and textures that work together.

Style Your Bookshelves

Whether you have built-ins in your living room or not, use a bookshelf! They are a great way to add style to your room through meaningful objects, art, books, and more. Less is more with a bookshelf. Too much can be cluttered, but the right organization makes your room look chic and pleasing.

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Use Floor Length Window Treatments

Another make or break for a living room, the right window treatments are essential. Going with a floor length choice helps to make your space look taller and bigger. Especially in a smaller room that can easily feel cramped, you want all the space you can get!