Each year, new products and trends come out that will be popular for years to come. Some trends come and go, and some become staples forever. When it comes to your home, it should be a combination of what works best for your space and what’s on trend. Instead of just looking at what’s new and fun in design, it’s important to look at functionality, the flow of your space, quality-made products, and accessibility. Trends are more than just Persian rugs, farmhouse sinks, and wallpaper, but rather quality, lasting products that bring value to your home.

Here are some innovative, quality trends that we think are not only here to stay, but are worth your investment!

Get Outside

Outdoor living is becoming more and more of a priority in today’s homes. Things like fire pits or outdoor fireplaces attract people during all seasons. Screened in porches and sun rooms are also a great addition, though may be more costly. When being outside isn’t an option, look for ways to create more open space and light in your home. Opening up homes is one of the most popular trends seen in home design, lately. People are craving lighter, open spaces, which makes the open floorplan very popular among homebuyers.

Another way to get more light in your space is to have larger windows and light fixtures. Choosing a lighter wall color also helps to make a space feel bigger and brighter. If your space can’t accommodate windows, consider adding a skylight.

Safe and Smart Homes

A trend we expect to see increase in 2018 is an emphasis on safety, and healthy, environmentally friendly living. This comes into affect largely when building or renovating your new home. Consider water purifiers, and eco-friendly HVACs and thermostats when looking for a more environmentally cautious home. For safety, you may want to choose a camera doorbell, or cameras that link straight to your phone. There are also electronic locks, so you never lose your keys.

Smart homes,” or tech-friendly homes are most popular among the millennial generation, who love smart appliances that can link to their other devices. Automated home systems will definitely gain in popularity with new home buyers this year.

Home design trends are always changing and shifting as something new enters the market. However, buyers are always wanting accessibility to things that make their homes safer, more efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

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