Could Ikea be coming to Cary? We sure hope so! As of recently, news was confirmed that a “very recognizable and in-demand retailer” is headed to the Cary Towne Center mall. Even though nothing has been confirmed, there’s been quite a lot of chatter that it could be the Swedish retailer known for its expansive variety of home goods and furniture. And that’s not including the famous Swedish meatballs.

Local bloggers, Twitter users and even some real estate experts have given bets that Ikea could be the answer to what’s coming to Cary. For those looking at homes for sale in Cary, this could be an exciting answer to all of your decorating needs if it holds true.

A spokesperson for Ikea’s public affairs group didn’t rule out the possibility when asked if a Cary store was an option. Joseph Roth said, “We continue to evaluate opportunities in the Raleigh-Durham area as they arise. Certainly we’ve recognized over the years – or acknowledged – it is a market that long-term can support a store. We have not found a site yet and will continue to evaluate opportunities.”

While we wait to see if the rumors are true, here are a few ways that you can decorate your new home with Ikea furniture. Even if you aren’t living in a new home, there is plenty of Cary real estate that will provide the perfect opportunity to spruce up your interior with some affordable, yet trendy furniture in the most modern way possible.

Who says you need a sofa?

As the perfect design for a playroom or bonus room, you don’t have to spend money on a nice sofa that’s going to get roughed up by the kids. Instead, Ikea offers a wide range of cushions and soft rugs that can substitute as an alternative to a couch. To add some more appeal to a bonus room, add wall-mounted cabinets from the furniture store.

Over at Bellewood Manor in Cary, these homes for sale feature large bonus rooms that provide lots of space to get creative. It doesn’t always have to be the standard to have a sofa in your room.

Create your own quiet space

It’s not always easy to find the time to get away. Instead, create a quiet space for yourself using long, sheer curtains from Ikea. With plenty of patterns and textures, you can enclose your favorite couch or even your bed with curtains that allow for some privacy.

D.R. Horton’s Weston Corners are new townhomes in Cary that offer between two and three bedrooms to decorate as you please.

Separate spaces in a single room

Sharing a couch isn’t always ideal. One person might be trying to study or read, while the other wants to lounge and watch television. As a solution, place two sofas back to back to create separate focus spaces in the same room. In Holly Springs at Hensley Villas, an 18’-4” x 12’-0” great room is attached to the living room for plenty of open space that allows for two sofas in the same room without overcrowding. With Ikea’s large selection of affordable sofas, you’ll be sure to find something that fits nicely together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns as long as they are roughly the same size and height.

Create unity with small spaces

Since Ikea is so large, the manufacturer has the ability to offer the same piece of furniture in many different colors. In order to maintain unity in small spaces, pick one color and stick with it. When you start throwing in too many colors, it can make a room seem cluttered.

Newland Communities has developed Briar Chapel in Chatham County that offers new homes featuring eight model homes from a variety of builders. Within these homes, plenty have floor plans that contain small office spaces that can be utilized for convenience with a monochromatic color scheme.

Cover your walls with fabric

If you don’t want something as permanent as wallpaper, try wall fabric. This allows you to spice up a room without having to commit to something long term. Wall fabric is the perfect option for a child’s room or bonus room. With an array of options at Ikea, you can change out your wall fabric however often you’d like.

If you haven’t ever been to Ikea, it might be worth the trip to Charlotte, N.C. for the day. If you don’t want to make that drive, go ahead and cross your fingers that Cary will indeed, be the selected new site for the home goods manufacturer.