Terramor Homes Parade of Play Homes was the big event to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The Parade of Play Homes Gala was held on September 22, 2017, at the Angus Barn in Raleigh. Area friends, colleagues, and family gathered together to congratulate and celebrate Terramor on an exciting hallmark event.

It’s hard to believe that what is now a well-known Triangle building company started as just two associates and one community. They now have over 50 associates in 50+ communities around the area. Serving over 1,000 homebuyers, Terramor knows how to deliver amazing homes and communities that beckon its owners to live there for a long time, which they do! They have low internal turnover rates, which proves what quality homes are built by Terramor.

terramor homes parade

Because of all their success over the last ten years, Terramor Homes wanted to do something big for the community. Enter, the Parade of Play Homes.

“To celebrate our accomplishments, our team engaged in many conversations on how to repay
the Triangle community that has served the company so selflessly over the last decade,” says
Simms. “Ultimately, we decided to dedicate the remainder of 2017 to giving back to the Triangle. As part of this initiative, we created the ‘Parade of Play Homes,’ 10 unique play homes independently created by our team, boasting innovative and unique building techniques and designs.”

Furthermore, Terramor debuted several play homes at the Charity Gala. These Play Homes included a fire station, a kwik stop, a kid’s cafe, and more. You can find the adorable Play Homes along the Triangle Parade of Homes entries by Terramor. You can donate or purchase a raffle ticket to win one of the Play Homes through December 17 here. Your donations  benefit Duke Children’s Hospital, and the YMCA of the Triangle – two wonderful organizations in the Triangle doing a lot of good.

“In our eyes, these organizations have made immeasurable impacts in the communities that have served us from our roots through the present day,” Simms summarizes. “We hope that you will join us in our celebration and support our mission of giving back.”

You can find Terramor Homes at communities throughout the Triangle, like Briar Chapel, and more! Find out where Terramor Homes are here.

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