M/I Homes celebrates 40 years in the industry this year, delivering almost 100,000 homes so far. In 1976, Melvin and Irving Schottenstein founded M/I Homes on a simple premise: if you take care of the customer, everything else will take care of itself. As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, it’s obvious that this premise has been proven 100 times over.

“Taking care of the customer means many things. It encompasses a commitment to quality, working as a team and operating at a higher standard.  In addition, it calls for designing homes that fit the way people really live today,” said Ed Kristensen, M/I Area President. “We build our homes using the latest techniques in building science to deliver a better-built, energy efficient home with lasting value.”

Kristensen also shared that “We’ve developed our own, exclusive Whole Home Building Standards. Building homes that we’d be proud to live in ourselves is another way we treat our customers right.”

M/I Homes started as a family business in Columbus, Ohio and has grown to include 14 markets in 9 states in just a single generation. M/I Homes has been in the Triangle for over 25 years, with the company breaking ground on its first home here in 1989. The company has been a leading builder in the Triangle for many years.

“We never take a minute to rest on our laurels. We never stop refining our processes. We’re always searching for the latest innovations to make our homes even better,” said Kristensen. “We may be 40 years old, but we’re just getting started.”

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