As far as exterior materials are concerned, you can’t beat building with brick. Made from fired clay and secured with mortar, brick retains heat, weathers corrosion, and also opposes fire. It’s no wonder that brick has been used as a building material for at least 5,000 years. Adams Homes understands the attractiveness of the material, making it their signature choice for home building. Wondering why you should build your dream home made from brick? Here are a few reasons why:

Because of its makeup, brick requires minimal upkeep. The bonding agent in brick is composed of cement, sand, and water which makes it more resilient than many other exterior options. Because each unit of brick is small, it also makes for the perfect option to use in small spaces as well as for curved designs that require precision to details.

There are several advantages of owning a brick home, beginning with temperature control. Traditional siding holds no comparison to brick siding in terms of insulation being a barrier to heat. When insulation is combined with a brick exterior, insulation acts as a barricade to both heat and cold by steadying internal temperatures and withstanding heat passage for longer periods of time. Since brick is heavier, heat has a harder time passing through than other lightweight materials. When it’s cold outside, the interior of the brick absorbs and redistributes heat just as effectively.

Brick also requires little home maintenance. In the first 25 years of owning a brick home, a quick exterior wash with a hose will do the trick. After that, chipped or loose bricks might need to be repaired but that’s essentially the extent of it. You won’t need to paint or worry about decay, as brick homes are able to survive termites, weather damage, and even fire. This could mean lower home insurance rates.

Finally, brick exteriors increase home value. While brick can be a bit more expensive than other home exterior options, it often pays off in the long run. Building with brick usually saves money on home repairs and maintenance, as well as increases the value of your home at the same time. When it comes to curb appeal, brick is often one of the first factors potential buyers notice – making them want to come in for a second look.

Adams Homes builds brick homes throughout the Triangle area, offering a variety of ranch and two-story homes ranging from 1,500 – 3,500 square feet. Known as the “All-Brick Builder”, Adams Homes believes building a quality home that will last is one of the most important aspects of pleasing the buyer. Aside from being durable, brick is also energy efficient and outshines stucco, which has to be re-painted every 8 – 10 years.

While brick can be more expensive, Adams Homes helps you to be able to purchase an affordable home. The builder has a long-standing program that offers to pay the closing costs on your new home as long as you use an Adams Homes approved lender and put down a certain amount towards the deposit.

With several communities throughout the Triangle, you can’t go wrong with a brick home. Click here to see all of Adams Homes’ listings in the area.

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