The NC State Fair is one of the most exciting times to live in the Triangle. There is SO much to experience, you may even have to go more than once! We’ve got a showcase of all the things you can’t miss during your time at the fair.

It’s more than just an event. The State Fair is a celebration. You’ll experience the first fall chill, with leaves crunching under your shoes. The first sip of warm apple cider, the smell of popcorn, pumpkins, and fried Oreo’s fills the air at the fairgrounds as thousands of people come pouring through the gates day and night. You see people above you on the lift, getting a sky view of all the happenings. There are distant screams from the daring rides, vendors calling out food orders. All the sounds, sights, and smells you want to hear during the fair are right in front of you!

There are some must-do’s at the State Fair. Food is at the top of our list. Don’t miss the corn (there is even a booth that has corn dipped in queso). Look for foot long corn dogs and hot dogs, cotton candy, fresh lemonade, cheese fries, ham biscuits, and ANYTHING friend you can imagine.

Next, there are so many games to choose from! No matter your age, you’ll find a game there for you. Remember the popular carnival games of your childhood, or see them through your own child’s eyes for the first time as they have the chance to win gargantuan-sized prizes!

Lastly, you can’t go to the fair without noticing all the exciting rides! Whether you’re a little less adventurous and prefer the swings, if you like your heart in your stomach on tall drops, or the twists and turns of going upside down, there is a ride for you at the fair. Maybe you’re even one for the mechanical bull!

Whatever your preferences, the NC State Fair is something to experience if you live in the Triangle. Find out more about living in the Triangle here.