If you and your family are fans of Disneyland, we’ve got good news. The man who helped to create the widely-loved Disneyland in California is bringing his talents to the Triangle. Former Disney Imagineer Bob Baranick is planning to build a theme park in Chapel Hill.

With the job title of “Experience Designer”, it was Baranick’s job to make crystal caves, water slides, and mountains come to life while working for Disney. He also played a part in the creation of Disney World’s Epcot as well as Universal Studios.

For his vision in Chapel Hill, Baranick plans to call the project “Whirligig Woods.” The theme park won’t be as large as Disney World, but the designer promised that the same “effort and quality” will be put into the project coming to the Triangle.

Recently, Baranick purchased 21 acres in Alamance County to bring his vision to life. In case you’re wondering, Whirligig Woods will be nothing like Carowinds. The engineer said that the attractions are all charming and little intimate things, such as train rides, haunted houses, and tree houses.

With a setting that’s located in the woods, the smaller setting will allow for a more personal experience. Adults are estimated to cost $25 dollars for admission, with the price tag for children being less. Described as the perfect kind of family experience, Baranick said, “This particular market with families with young children, there’s nothing for them.”

With dreams of creating a special world, Baranick is about six months out from the finalization of a groundbreaking. Stay on the lookout for more information as we look forward to Whirligig Woods’ arrival.

Whirligig Woods

Image courtesy of Bob Baranick

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