There might not be anything better than a homemade cookie. And Tonya’s Cookies only further support that claim. Based in Chapel Hill, N.C., owner Tonya Council decided to carry on a family tradition of baking by turning classic recipes into cookies that are irresistible.

As a family-oriented person, Council got her start in baking by making a cookie that tasted like her grandmother’s (Mama Dip) pecan pie. With the introduction of the Pecan Crisp, Tonya’s Cookies officially came to life. Today, the business has expanded into a successful gig that offers some of the best quality baked products in the Triangle area.

Having been in Chapel Hill for the majority of her life, Council said that baking is therapeutic for her. Her grandmother could be in the kitchen surrounded by 10 other people, and still would be in deep thought as she rolled out biscuit doughs and pie crusts. Council said that she never understood it until she started baking herself.

Council said, “A lot of people don’t realize but baking can be therapeutic. You get into a zone and gives you time to think.”

Customers used to come to the family-owned restaurant and would always go for the pecan crisps. It was then that Council realized just how much people loved her cookies. After that, she decided to package and sell them outside of the boundaries of the restaurant.

Tonya's gluten-free white chocolate pecan crisp cookies

So yummy, and gluten-free!

Today, the business has grown into so much more. Tonya’s Cookies offers wedding favors, catering, cookie tables, and gift baskets that feature other local products inside of them. Council’s dream is to have the family restaurant be passed on through many generations to come. Upon starting Tonya’s Cookies, she decided to create a new path that’s separate from the legacy of the restaurant in order to establish her own legacy.

So what makes Tonya’s Cookies different from the rest? Quite frankly, a lot of things. For starters, her cookies are made only with premium ingredients. Council said that nothing less than the freshest will suffice.

For those who are health-conscious, Tonya’s Cookies cater to that lifestyle. At only 150 calories per serving, you won’t have to worry about breaking your diet when you eat them. Aside from this, her cookies are also gluten-free.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for family and friends, or just looking for a delicious treat, Tonya’s Cookies can provide what you’re searching for.

Council’s business provides both online ordering and shipping straight to your door for an added level of convenience. Aside from that, the cookies can be found in the following locations throughout the Triangle:

Next time you’re craving something sweet, make sure to check out Tonya’s Cookies to support a family business that will keep you coming back over and over again.

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