If you’ve been to downtown Cary recently, you probably wouldn’t recognize it from five years ago, and definitely not ten years ago. The Town has been in the business of revitalizing downtown Cary, and it’s booming. The long-time, traditional downtown Cary favorites are still there, so don’t worry. However, new restaurants, bars, and businesses are popping up everywhere to make Cary the new place to be. For your next visit downtown, make sure you hit these top 10 things to do.

Brew Coffee Bar

Brew has been in downtown Cary for a few years, after its very successful downtown Raleigh location. With its excellent artisan coffee drinks, Tribucha Kombucha, tea, pastries, and more, Brew is a go-to spot. Inside you’ll find people doing work, studying, or chatting over coffee. They offer delicious salads and sandwiches, as well. It’s located inside the Cary Theater.

Pharmacy Bottle and Beverage

Pharmacy is located in the old Mitchell’s Pharmacy building, hence the name. They have 16 constantly rotating taps, wine, and cans and bottles from all over the country. They also feature different food trucks. It’s always crowded for happy hour and beyond, so come with friends and stay a while!

Ashworth Drugs

Ashworth Drugs is a nostalgic place for locals that have been in Cary a while. In the midst of a changing downtown, Ashworth has been there since the ’50s. It’s an old-fashioned soda fountain atmosphere, so grab a hot dog and a cherry coke while you’re there.

Serendipity Gourmet Deli

Serendipity is another local staple. They have a variety of sandwiches, soups, quiches and more on the menu, making it a great lunch spot. While it’s rather small, you’ll always see folks on the patio eating their takeout meals from Serendipity. It feels homey, and their food is always comforting and delicious.

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Guess-Ogle House

The historic Guess-Ogle House is one you can’t help but stare at while walking downtown Cary. It’s gorgeous Victorian-era details and pink exterior make it stand out on Academy Street. It was built in the 1830s, and remodeled in Queen Anne style in the late 19th century. The current owners, Carroll and Sheila Ogle, bought the house in 1997 and restored it for their personal residence. The home was designated as a landmark in 2008, and is a must see while visiting Cary.

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The Mayton Inn

The Mayton Inn was built with the preservation of downtown Cary in mind. It’s a huge statement building on Academy Street, and much like the Guess-Ogle house, you can’t miss it. They offer sustainable lodging, spa services, an event space, and more. The feel of the Mayton is it’s biggest draw. Feelings of an intimate bed and breakfast arise, but there is also a sense of luxury. A great combination in our book. If you’re hosting guests from out of town, we highly recommend the Mayton Inn.

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Cary Arts Center

The Cary Arts Center is a beautiful building, boasting a large staircase and columns. It’s a downtown hub for the arts, offering classes, camps, shows, and more. The Arts Center has tons of resources, like open studio programs, history and public art, and an event space available for rental.

Cary Public Library

Public libraries may seem like a thing of the past. However, you can’t help but notice the ivy-laden Cary Public Library. It’s a great resource to have as a Cary resident, and you’ll always find people coming in and out of it’s doors! They have events every day, like family storytime, book discussion groups, and more.

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Downtown Park

New to downtown, the Town Square is always full of people. There are lots of places to sit, so it’s a great picnic spot. You’ll also find things like a green space, bocce court, foosball and ping pong, and more. The Town has included a stage for live music, checker and chess tables, and of course, the amazing fountain that centers it all.

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The Cary Theater

The Cary Theater is another long-standing building downtown. Purchased by the Town in recent years, it is a working movie theater featuring educational films, indie films, and throwbacks. They also have an event space, and feature theatre performances and live music.

Visit downtown Cary today, and see all of the growth and revitalization that’s going on! Walk the streets, stop in for a bite to eat and a drink, and enjoy your day by the fountain in the Town Square. If you’re looking for a home in Cary, check out all of our wonderful communities in this exciting, nostalgic town.


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