Summer is peaking, and that means evening cocktails on the patio, or hors d’oeuvres on the deck with your friends. The top gardening trends for 2019 are, for the most part, mainstays of timeless options. Sustainability and tranquility are important mindsets to embrace this year, especially with the coming spring season. If you have a special outside space that you nurture on a regular basis, keep these trendy tips in mind. 

Vegetable and Herb Gardens are economically feasible to pull off. Though they can cost some money up front to do properly, once you get it up and running, they will give your grocery budget a hand. Gardens do require regular maintenance and upkeep, but, if you enjoy the outdoors and time soaking up the sun, gardening might just be an added bonus.

Plants have always been a decorative asset for indoor spaces, but the trend has resurfaced in full bloom in the last five years. Succulents, cacti (a type of succulent), eucalyptus, and seasonal flowers have been a focal point of living rooms and hallways, and that’s still the case for 2019.

Urban gardening has become increasingly popular because urban living has exploded in the last decade. As a result, container gardens are a big trend. Repurposing old crates, coffee cans, and jars can be an economical and trendy way to fill your container garden.

Using natural or sustainable materials, such as linens or macramé, for outdoor furniture is becoming increasingly popular for its casual and bohemian ambiance. A-symmetrical layouts for off soil containers and furniture are extremely popular right now. Type-A perfection is out, and wabi-sabi style is in.

Whether you have acres of land or a small rooftop deck, find a way to accommodate your space to grow anything from sunflowers to serrano peppers in a gorgeous setting that will impress you just as much as your friends.  




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