The Mercantile in Downtown Knightdale is an adorable store full of fun vintage, antique, new, and handmade items. Most are locally sourced, and they have so many items that will perfectly finish your farmhouse style look. Even if you’re not so into farmhouse style, you can easily find unique items that will bring a one-of-a-kind look to your space. Not to mention, they also have great gifts like handmade candles and art that will wow anyone you’re celebrating. If you don’t have enough reasons to visit The Mercantile yet, here are 5 items that you need right now!

mercantile store knightdale

A Vintage Styled Sign

A Vintage styled sign is a great addition to your home. You can put your favorite saying, family motto, or just something inspiring up in your home that you’ll see everyday. It’s fun to have a cute saying exhibited that guests can see when they come over. Choose something that exemplifies your style and way of life – people can learn a lot about you from a sign, and it can always be a great reminder of what’s important in life!

mercantile store knightdale

Personalized Local Town Pillows

These pillows are great styled in your home, but they also make awesome gifts! People love to be reminded of their hometown, or proud of where they currently live.

This is a great way to show that, and these pillows are perfect to finish off your entryway, love seat, or kitchen nook. Throw a cozy blanket behind the pillows to add some texture.

home decor store raleigh

A Vintage Piece

Whether its a sign like this ‘General Store’ piece, an item like this truck piece, or lamps, vintage items add so much character to any space. They tell a story just by looking at them, and vintage items are always unique. They’re great for an empty wall, or a space you aren’t sure what to do with.


mercantile store knightdale

Metal Wall Sign

Words and phrases on your walls can make your space feel fun and inspirational. Whether its a reminder of ‘home,’ ‘coffee’ in the kitchen, or ‘giggle’ in your little girls room, signs are a cheeky display that can really lighten a room up.


mercantile store knightdaleInspiration

Maybe you’re just looking for some fresh inspiration for your home and aren’t ready to purchase anything yet. The Mercantile is the perfect place for that! Walk around and look at their different pieces and the way they style them, you’ll leave feeling inspired and refreshed about what to do with your home.


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